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Envy by Sandra Brown (Warner, $25.95). Brown offers a thriller about a thriller in "Envy." Maris, book editor for a New York publisher, is fascinated by an unsolicited partial manuscript and tracks down the elusive author -- identified only as P.M.E. -- to a run-down plantation on a remote island in Georgia. As she edits the book, Maris suspects that the novel -- the story of a boating excursion that leaves with three passengers and returns with only one -- is more fact than fiction.

Mercy by Julie Garwood (Pocket, $25). Garwood, best-known for her many historical novels, offers her second mystery in "Mercy." Attorney Theo Buchanan suddenly becomes ill in New Orleans and is treated by physician Michelle Renard. Recovered and determined to see her again, Buchanan locates Renard's bayou clinic but finds it ransacked. He learns that a secret criminal society of four white-collar professionals is looking for her, believing she has information that could destroy them.

The Weaver's Inheritance by Kate Sedley (St. Martin's, $23.95). Things aren't as they seem in Sedley's tale of a medieval English peddler who tries to prove that a wealthy man's heir is an impostor.

The Thunder Keeper by Margaret Coel (Berkley, $22.95). A priest learns in the confessional that a man's suicide was murder.

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