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I hope the "teaching staff" of the Buffalo Bills learned after Sunday's disaster that it takes more than "teachers" to build a productive team.

It appears Donohue and Williams, "the teachers" cut too many honor students from the roster.

It even confused Rob. He must have thought Eric Moulds was gone because he sure couldn't see him.

With Cowart's injury, Holecek wouldn't look too shabby, would he?

With the departure of our good students, Mohr and Christie, I'm anxious to see how the teachers' new enrollments handle the swirly winds at Rich.

After the line of bull we were given when the two gurus arrived, that our team should have been a Super Bowl contender, then why was it so dismantled? To rebuild for the future? Oh right. By that time, Ralph will be in the stadium in the sky and the Bills will be gone.

With all the new staff San Diego has they did more than teach.

Flutie, sadly missed, at least he was a great competitor and leader.


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