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The Lockport Duplicate Club has scheduled an ACBL charity game Wednesday. For information, call Marge Schomers at 434-8635.

Duplicate Scores
B&P Duplicate Monday morning -- North-south, Mary Lou Cross and Bernardine Czarnecki, 184.5; Patricia and Michael Weber, 177; east-west, Dorothy and Edward Rupp, 190.5; Lilian Hohensee and Nancy Acara, 152.5, possible 312.

B&P Duplicate Friday morning -- North-south, George Bills and Walter Bluestone, 183.5; Janet Frisch and Jacqueline Hanley, 171; east-west, Trudy Manaher and Clifford Kaylor, 197; Adrian Figliotti and Celia Calabrese, 183.5, possible 312.

Bridge Centre Monday morning -- North-south, Betty Bronstein and Rita Sierocinski, 85.5; Betty Fudeman and Deborah Drury, 80; east-west, Kevin Gervase and Vincent Pesce, 89.5; Pol Akman and Renzo Renzoni, 79.5.

Bridge Centre Monday evening -- Christy Kellogg and Elbert Hargesheimer III, 73.5; William Schlaerth and Joyce Fuerter, 63.5; Eric Phifer and B. Ruth Hnath, 59.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday morning -- North-south, Curtis Hallis and Betty Dorio, 99; Barbara Booi and James Craig, 97.5; Elsie and Melvin Braun, 87; east-west, Shirley Cassety and Rosemary Richert, 110; Ed Borosky and Elsie M. Rogers, 97; Marie Zayan and Eugene Harvey, 86.5.

Bridge Centre Tuesday evening -- Elbert Hargesheimer III and Christy Kellogg, 36; Donna Steffan and Judy Graf, 29.5.

Bridge Centre Wednesday morning -- North-south, Judith Fischer and Judy Graf, 103.33; James Gullo and Rhoda Jacobs, 90.75; east-west, Alfred Haber and Pol Akman, 108.17; Irving Jacobs and Jeanne Gladysz, 90.58.

Bridge Centre ACBL Instant MP Pairs Wednesday evening -- North-south, Vishnampet Vaidhyanathan and Judith Marshall, 1443; Saleh Fetouh and Suraj Jain, 1435; Jeffrey Bender and Ernest DeWitt, 1385; east-west, Randolph J. Seidenberg Jr. and Christine T. Urbanek, 1618; Eugene Harvey and Jerry Geiger, 1364; Anne Watkins and Rita A. Sofia, 1191.

Bridge Centre Thursday morning -- Donna Steffan and Dorothy Brenner, 65; S. Luke Danielson and Clifford Vogelsang, 62.5; William Schneidau and Pat Rogers, 59.5.

Bridge Centre Thursday evening -- Dolores Warmuz and Marge Kohl, 100.69; Janice O'Mara and Edith Knaszak, 92.62; Betty Dorio and Dick Schad tied William Schneidau and Chester Fell, 87.77.

Bridge Centre Friday morning -- James Gullo and Donna Steffan, 74; Joan R. Rose and Margaret Klamp, 71.5; Gilda Hutchinson and Eugene Harvey, 59.

Bridge Centre Saturday afternoon -- North-south, Trudy Manaher and Rhoda Jacobs, 101; Eleanor Wright and Ann Edwards, 85.5; east-west, Joan R. Rose and Walter S. Majewski, 105.5; Mark Pascale and Pol Akman, 101.5.

Bridge Centre Sunday evening -- Louis Mink and Charles Tripi, 112.5; Betty Dorio and Florence Notto, 89.5; Chester Fell and William Schneidau, 69; east-west, Howard T. and Joan R. Rose, 100; Patricia Burns and Robert P. Olin, 98; Rosemary Richert and B. Ruth Hnath, 84.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- North-south, Gerald Fried and Jim Mathis, 140.5; Warren O'Connell Jr. and James Reineck, 135.5; east-west, Maryann Ludwiczak and Robert Olin, 138; Michael Kisiel Jr. and LaVern Lewis, 137.5, possible 216.

Delaware Wednesday evening -- North-south, Alice Lind and Anne O'Connor, 95; east-west, Mary Bosard and Rita McDonald, 97.5; possible 168.

East Aurora Wednesday -- Dan Clark and Bob Winkler, 80; Rhoda and Will Eagle, 79.5; east-west, Dan Foley and Art Schumacher, 66, possible 140; Beverly Mallon and Jennie Mayo, 64.5, possible 120.

Hamburg Senior Duplicate Monday night -- William and Joan Feasley, 69.80; Linda Zittel and Joanne Eckhardt, 69; possible 120.

Lockport Duplicate Tuesday evening -- North-south, Florence Smith and Audrey Adams, 118.5; Hugh Hanley and Betty Lawrence 102; east-west, Liz and Ed Harman, 118.5; Mike Kisiel and Vince Pesce, 107.5.

Margaret McCarthy Friday evening -- Christine T. Urbanek and John M. Sinclair, 84; Jim L. Mathis and Joan R. Rose, 74; Brian Meyer and Warren J. O'Connell Jr., 69.

Orchard Park Tuesday evening -- North-south, Rhoda and Will Eagle, 56.5, possible 96; east-west, Marge Kohl and Dolores Warmuz, 59.5, possible 80.

Sunday Supper Club -- Norm Cook and LaVern Jenkins, 29.5; Joe and Effie Dohany, 27, possible 48.

Town of Tonawanda Senior Center Monday -- Chuck Wolf and Ron Fill, 32, possible 50.

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