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"There are no atheists in foxholes." This was a common saying during World War II and perhaps even before. It is doubtful that there were many atheists aboard the recently hijacked planes during the final moments before the crashes. How many people, in impossible situations, find their positions bearable only by submitting themselves to the will of their God and pleading for solace? In other words, they pray.

The reaction to the terrorist activities has been disbelief, sadness and anger. Communities throughout the country responded with help of many kinds and, above all, united in praying for the victims, the survivors and the country.

Much has been publicized about shielding and consoling our children during the aftermath of this tragedy. Our president designated Sept. 14 as a national day of mourning and prayer.

One can only wonder with amazement and find it ironic that children are not permitted to pray in public schools and are thus deprived of the consolation obtainable by common prayer. An education bill, no matter how far-reaching, is of limited value with this deprivation continuing.


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