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News of note

Local photographer Isabell Briatico has introduced something new from her home-based business, IzzyLu, called the Buffalo Classics Collection of note cards.

The first series features sculptures found around town, including the lions at the base of the McKinley Monument, Niagara Square, and a detail of the bronze replica of Michelangelo's David, Delaware Park.

"I see them being used as a way to promote Buffalo. I feel that Buffalo has so many treasures and a rich cultural heritage that sometimes get obscured by sports and our downtrodden image," Briatico said.

"We have world class art here. Take a look around; there is so much more here than people usually talk about," she added.

The note cards are available in gift packages of four ($6.95) or eight ($12.95), as well as individually ($2). Look for them initially at the Roam Buffalo store, Market Arcade; Definitely Buffalo, Main Place Mall; Point of View, Williamsville; Artisans Emporium, Hamburg, and A Snail's Place, Elma.

Or visit


Whoa, Nellie

From horse-head belt buckles to riding jackets, the equestrian look trots to the head of the trends list for fall. How to wear it in stride? Don't overdo it. One equestrian piece per outfit is a good rule of thumb, advises the Dallas Morning News.

This is especially true if the piece is on the "costumey" side, like Ralph Lauren's knee-patched breeches.


Gimme five

If you want to freshen up your fall wardrobe but need some help sifting through the trends, consider Glamour magazine's top five picks for the cool days ahead:

A peasant blouse. Look for it in every color and price range.

Great boots. Wear them to work with skirts -- full, long or short -- and on weekends with jeans.

Something in leather or suede. Go all out with a new coat or keep it simple with a new handbag.

Pink. Perhaps a chiffon blouse with ruffles around the neck. This is half of another trend: the feminine-masculine look.

Very tailored bottoms. Slim, man-style pants or a tailored skirt is what you need to anchor that frilly blouse.


What a doll

Hundreds of outfits collected by a single owner and belonging to Barbie -- one of fashion's most important and devoted models -- will be auctioned at Doyle New York later this year, reports the Associated Press.

The auction, to be held Dec. 11 in New York City, features more than 250 lots of vintage Barbie dolls and fashions from the one-owner collection.

"This exciting sale is truly a Barbie doll collector's dream come true. Most of the Barbie dolls and clothing ensembles are extremely rare and in mint condition," said Doyle's Jeni Sandberg.

Among the items for sale are the complete Roman Holiday outfit from 1959-63, including the tiny brass compact with a mirror and pink powder puff.

To view images, visit the Web site at


"I never liked fashion. I like women, I like textiles, I like clothes. But I'm sort of anti-fashion. I like doing things like making a dress for Sarah Jessica Parker. But that's not fashion; that's just making a dress for Sarah Jessica Parker."
-- Isaac Mizrahi, former fashion designer, in the Baltimore Sun