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With Michael Jordan coming back from retirement, again, the NBA will be known as the first cradle to grave sport. The NBA drafts players in diapers and retires them in wheelchairs.

Maybe the NBA, as well as other sports, should copy golf and have a Seniors Tour, to get those aging players out of the game who refuse to leave otherwise. This tour would not be structured as a league but would be like an Olympic event with a few teams playing over a short time span leading to a championship game. There could be one or two events like this a year and the players on each team would change with each tournament. The corporations would get their player sponsorship, TV would get their ratings, and the NBA would have a way to develop real talent by off-loading its aging children.

Then hopefully excitement would return as new blood would be infused into the game instead of what we have now with aging players receiving fresh blood before each game.


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