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As the investigation into the attacks on our country unfolds, I am struck by the steely resolve of the perpetrators. These attacks, by all accounts, took years to put together -- years of those men knowing their own lives would be required -- yet they never lost their determination.

We Americans, on the other hand, are an impatient lot. We want everything now. Our fervor is poker hot. We want retaliation today. Yet let us not forget the last time we struck at Osama bin Laden. We bombed a deserted camp and a pharmaceutical company, not exactly the result of stellar intelligence on our part. To the whole world, we appeared totally inept.

So now we need patience. We need the same incredible resolve our enemy has demonstrated. If President Bush doesn't order a retaliation next week or next month, we must refrain from criticism and continue to support him.

Can we do that? Can we show the same intelligence and commitment our enemy has? Weeks or months from now, will we continue to fly our flags with the same ardent spirit of patriotism? Will we continue to fill our places of worship to pray for God's guidance? For our sakes, I hope so.



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