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I would like to remind Americans that we have already begun to strike back against terrorism. It began on Sept. 11, when the brave passengers of Flight 93 retook their plane. Yes, they died in their struggle, but they took their attackers with them, and likely saved countless other lives.

They were not the first to die in our struggle against the darkness that is international terrorism, nor will they be the last souls that we will be asked to place on the altar of freedom. Let their resolve in the face of almost certain death be an inspiration to all of us in the months to come.

For make no mistake, the battle we have entered will be long. The cost may be high, but I quote, "What price freedom?" Freedom from fear, freedom from evil men, the freedom to again look into the sky without fear, for rest assured that on the other side of this long dark night that we have entered into lies victory.

Remember that we do this not for ourselves, but for our children and grandchildren. When they grow up in peace, they will know that it was forged with the hammer of righteousness on the twin anvils of faith and fortitude and quenched in the blood of patriots.



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