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In the last several days, I have listened with dismay and anger to a local radio talk show. The host, as well as several of his callers, commented on the tragic events of Sept. 11.

The host attacked Arabs and Muslims and blamed them, indirectly, but sometimes directly, for the tragic events. He disregarded the strong condemnation for this evil act by Arab/Muslim countries and the leaders of these communities in America.

His call for "one culture" and his attack on "multiculturalism" in America are particularly alarming and dangerous.

A return to WASPism is not politically correct these days, but his call is exactly that. The attack on other cultures is in my view a new face of racism.

As an American citizen by choice, I settled and raised my family here for many reasons. High among them is our Constitution's protection of minority rights. It is this instrument that protects African-Americans and other minorities, as well as people with special needs, against racism and discrimination. That's what makes America great.

The majority and the strong will defend their interest in any society. Only in America do minorities enjoy the protection of their religious beliefs, lifestyle and family relationships, which is actually their "culture." To advocate one culture is dangerous and anti-American.

Let's expose demagoguery for what it is. Let's also avoid the temptation to find a scapegoat. This is not only an attack on Arabs and Muslims, it is an attack on America. Diversity is what makes America great. Let's be vigilant and keep it that way. God bless America.



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