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These are extremely difficult times for all Americans. Daily, the media give us a bird's-eye view of the destruction from the worst tragedy to ever hit this country. Just when I believe I have seen and heard it all, something else is brought to my attention.

As was stated by the commander of the Niagara Falls Air Reserve Base, 2,000 men and women from Western New York are members of the reserve units stationed there. These are not just "weekend" warriors, as some people call them. They are dedicated, trained individuals who realize they may be called for active duty at any time. Right now, they are trying to get all their affairs in order because they are on alert. They, too, fear what is coming.

So why would any employer harass an employee regarding his military obligation, which is a legally imposed duty? Someone I know is currently experiencing this appalling treatment.

All employers who have military reserve members on their payroll should be abiding by the labor laws. Morally, they should be doing whatever they can to assist these employees if and when they must transit to active military status. Reserve members should not have to worry about being "written up" or fired because they left their jobs for military duty. Such unpatriotic, anti-military behavior should not be tolerated from any employer.

Thousands of innocent American civilians have been lost forever. We can only pray for them and their families. Let's also pray for our military personnel - active and reserve - stationed here and around the world, and thank God that they unselfishly volunteered to keep us safe and preserve our freedom.



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