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In his column, "Nation must open its eyes," Rod Watson completely misunderstood the dynamics underlying these terrorist attacks. He suggests that Americans should pay closer attention to international affairs. He asks: How many of us even know what Osama bin Laden wants? He has very clearly stated what he wants. He wants to kill Americans.

Does Watson think we should analyze in great detail these delicate and injured sensibilities? If he does, then as a columnist, he should fulfill his responsibility. He has had 20 years to explain to his readership why America is the "great Satan," as stated by the Ayatollah Khomeini.

Watson's suggestion that America's going it alone on issues such as global warming contributed to the attack is mind-boggling. Nothing that the FBI has uncovered to date suggests that the terrorists were overly concerned with CO2 emissions.

Watson also suggests that the United States "snubbed" out of "arrogance" the international conference on racism. In fact, the United States left the conference as a courageous move to stand up to the spewing of hatred toward the Israelis by people allied with the suicide bombers. Sadly, the consequences of this hatred are now only too apparent. If this is not apparent to Watson, then perhaps he is the one who should open his eyes.


East Amherst

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