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On the minds of everyone is the question: What can I do to help? Give blood? Yes. Send cash to a relief effort?

Yes. But there is something else people can do every day. It is something they should have been doing all along. They can buy American-made goods whenever possible, especially cars. Supporting our economy and American workers, whose quality and work ethic is superior to others, is what's most important. This great nation was built on the backs of those in manufacturing.

It's bad enough that the shoes and clothes we wear and the electronics we buy are already supporting other nations' economies. Now Toyota is on the verge of overtaking Daimler-Chrysler as the third-largest auto seller in the United States. The market share of the Big Three is down to 61 percent. Where do people think the profit dollars from foreign car sales wind up?

If this disaster sends us into a recession, it will only be because of an already weak economy. Wake up. True patriotism is supporting America in every way. If people relly want to help, they should buy American.



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