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There has been much talk regarding the unwarranted prejudice toward Muslim-Americans in the wake of the terrorist attacks. It has been likened to the internment of the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

There is one major difference, however. The Japanese living in America during the 1940s had absolutely nothing to do with the sneak attack in Hawaii. While no one believes that every Muslim-American is to blame for these horrific acts, the fact remains that these terrorists and their cohorts were living among us in the United States for years. Who's to know who one's neighbor really is?

These terrorists have been able to perpetuate their worldwide reign of terror with impunity. They have killed innocent people in the name of Allah, using suicide bombers, knowing that civilized countries will not respond in a similar fashion.

If, however, these terrorists were faced with the fact that their actions would result in an immediate military attack on other Muslims, innocent as they may be, perhaps people like Osama bin Laden would think differently.

How would Allah look upon these people if they were responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Muslims? If this sounds rash or barbaric, so be it. Enough is enough.

While Muslims around the world offer sentimental lip service in the wake of these attacks, they do nothing to stop the proliferation of these horrific attacks. They offer these terrorists safe haven and provide financial support.

An eye for an eye. Fight fire with fire. If Muslims around the world do not want to be bombed out of existence, they had better step up to the plate.



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