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Traffic at the region's border crossings began to subside by late Monday night after trucks clogged the Peace Bridge and the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge earlier in the day.

Tighter border security after last week's terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington forced trucks crossing into the United States at the Peace Bridge to be delayed as long as eight hours Monday morning, according to the Niagara International Transportation Technology Coalition. That wait was cut to two hours by 10 p.m. Monday and all the bridges were running smoothly this morning with no delays.

While there was no wait for trucks reported at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge by late Monday night, U.S.-bound trucks had about a 15-hour wait at that bridge earlier in the day, officials at the transportation coalition said.

Frustrations even boiled over on the Peace Bridge last weekend.

A 74-year-old Fort Erie man drove his car into a Peace Bridge Authority officer, injuring the officer's left knee and lower back, according to Buffalo police reports.

The man disobeyed warnings to stop his vehicle, barreled into orange cones and struck the Peace Bridge worker, who landed on the hood of the vehicle, police allege. The man allegedly got out of his car, yelled obscenities at the bridge worker, then took a swing at him, police claim.

Joseph J. Middione, of Kingston Road in Fort Erie, was charged with second-degree assault and harassment after the incident Sunday afternoon, Buffalo police said.

Meanwhile, here's how traffic was at the bridges by late Monday night:

Peace Bridge: trucks entering the United States, two-hour wait; cars entering, 30-minute delay; trucks entering Canada, one-hour wait; cars entering, 30- to 60-minute delay.

Lewiston-Queenston Bridge: trucks and cars entering the United States, no delay; trucks entering Canada, one-hour delay; cars entering Canada, no delay.

There were no delays at the Rainbow Bridge. The Whirlpool Bridge was closed.

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