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It's easy to explain why Americans have more hope and prosperity than any other nation: sheer power. For more than two centuries, we have resisted all manner of tyranny. Freedom, both for us and our allies, has always been girded by American strength and determination.

Yet in spite of the recent horrors inflicted on this great nation, there are still pacifist fools in our midst who have the audacity to squawk.

They insist that we must do nothing violent to protect the fruits of freedom -- freedom earned on Okinawa and the beaches of Normandy with the blood of men like my grandfather.

Regrettably, these pacifists are one of the few unpleasant side-effects of freedom. In spite of their whining and lack of sensibility, their opinions must be pushed aside in times of hideous evil. As if by showing restraint we will just be left alone by those mean old terrorists. Pshaw!

Defiantly, Afghanistan's Taliban is threatening more terrorist reprisals if we take military action against them. As the book of Ecclesiastes teaches, "there is a time for war, and a time for peace."

Our military must punish, with absolute impunity, all responsible parties in this assault on America and the free world.

As in the historic struggle against Japan, the lives of Americans needn't be wasted. To send a crystal-clear message to zealots all around the globe, one of the terrorists' sponsor nations must be reduced to a parking lot -- including civilians.

The only thing that will match the brilliance of this beacon of light we call America is a high-yield nuclear detonation in the skies over Afghanistan.



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