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Less than 48 hours after the most horrifying attack on American soil in history, Rod Watson of The Buffalo News chooses to lecture America on its "ignorance." He insinuates that this is partly our fault because in the past we chose to "thumb our noses at the rest of the world."

At a moment in history when America's vision is blurred by tears and its heart overwhelmed with sadness, Watson chooses to remind us how stupid we are. At a time when our souls are full of agony and anger, he chooses to lecture us that we should have known better. At a time when our collective security is shattered, he chooses to give us a reprimand. Verbally kicking us when we are down.

A short lesson in common decency and manners for Watson: A wake is not the time to inform the bereaved on what they did wrong and how dumb they are. It is a time for compassion and healing the soul. Shame on Watson and The News for printing this article.



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