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After further review, Fox decided Monday to join the other networks in delaying the start of its new season by a week.

It isn't planning to carry the premieres of "That '70s Show," "Undeclared" or "Love Cruise" tonight. And it has decided against carrying Wednesday's premiere of "Grounded for Life" and Friday's premieres of "Dark Angel" and "Pasadena."

The decision, which came after Fox had run promos for all the series over the weekend, is a wise one. The idea of watching a show as superficial as "Love Cruise" so quickly after last week's devastation certainly would define the word "absurd."

Instead of carrying new shows, Fox will be running repeats of its comedies tonight and Wednesday and a movie on Friday.

The first TV event to postpone last week, "The Emmy Awards," has been rescheduled to Oct. 7 on CBS. Its early decision, when others took days to join them, certainly illustrates the sensitivity of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. It knew that giving out awards five days after the collapse of the World Trade Center would be inappropriate.

On Oct. 7, the show plans to change its focus. Traditionally, a tribute to television, the Oct. 7 program now plans "to join together with the nation to reaffirm the sprit of the American people."

CBS, meanwhile, has had to scramble to get "Big Brother 2" out of the way before the new season begins next week.

After canceling Saturday's program, CBS is airing a two-hour edition tonight. It is calling it a "special" edition but that doesn't do justice to the word "special." The finale airs live on Thursday.

The quicker it is over the better. The game this group of unlikable people have been playing for months seems even more irrelevant and out of step with America's state of mind than it did a week ago.

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