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I was pleased to read recently that some officials in the Buffalo Public School System feel that the residency law for new teachers should change. I am a veteran teacher, and I often have the privilege of working with talented student teachers from area colleges. Many of the students I have worked with do not reside in the city.

When it comes time to apply for a job, some of them will not even consider applying to Buffalo because of the residency rule. Often these new teachers have established homes in the suburbs, or simply do not want to be told where to live. Our city is losing some excellent teachers as a result. Our children are also losing, and they certainly deserve to have the best teachers available.

I live in Buffalo because I want to live in Buffalo. I work with an amazing group of teachers, many of whom do not live in the city. They give of themselves every day. It's time to lift the residency rule so that our children can receive the best education possible.



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