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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Sept. 7, 2001.


Part of 12765 Genesee St., Richard Demblewski, Karen Piersa-Demblewski to Timothy Fawls, $30,000.

V/L Walden Ave., Donald Gilbert, Anna Gilbert to Thomas Vanderlinden, $19,000.

13373 Maple Ridge Dr., Maple Ridge Inc. to Capretto Enterprises Inc., $36,000.

895 West Alaura Dr., James Allan, Amy Allan to Michael Harding, Marisa Cao, $95,000.


4605 Chestnut Ridge Rd., #H, Donna Felich to Robert Galey, $57,500.

520 Lakewood Pkwy., Frederick Shahin, Patricia Shahin to Tricia White, $106,000.

96 Crown Royal Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Zhien Liu, Zhihong Pan, $227,585.

172 Burroughs Dr., Jay Mostowy, Lynda Mostowy to James Kropelin, Jennifer Kropelin, $116,000.

5 Keph Dr., U7, Mary Marano, Loreto Marano to Clarence Earsing, Rita Earsing, $88,000.

1732 Eggert Rd., Thomas Perno, Mary Perno to HUD, $75,562.

18 The Spur, Andres Huerta, Beth Huerta to Brandon Piasecki, Kolette Piasecki, $185,000.

29 Paul Dr., David Winnie to Charles Herr, $105,000.

434 Maynard Dr., Michael Mendola, Kathleen Mendola to Michael Mendola, Danine Obrocta, $60,000.

80 Charter Oaks Dr., Paulette Calabro, Paulette Bellus to Susan Steege, $54,000.

6832 Main St., Harriet Riggio to Charles Riggio, Taine Riggio, $35,833.

137 Shetland, John Biloh, John Biloholowskyj to Dana Caito, $137,000.

50 Brompton Rd., Arlene Eggleston, Arlene Eggleston to Aniano Hidalgo, Marilyn Hidalgo, $155,000.

359 Windermere Blvd., Marie Lakomski to Dorothy Stephens, $61,000.

160 Viscount Dr., Dilip Gole, Neelima Gole to Andrew Whittaker, Amanda Simondson, $340,000.

378 Shetland Ave., David Nazzaro, David Hammond to Igor Ogadzhanov, Natalie Medvedeva, $127,000.

25 Shire Dr., John Sweeney, Margaret Sweeney to Gregory Altman, Robyn Altman, $227,000.

50 Mt Vernon Rd., 041599 Cynthia S Katz Living Trust to Gregory Devlin, Lisa Devlin, $144,900.

35 University Ct., Kathleen Palano, 35 University Court Trust to Kipp Crickard, Priscilla Crickard, $75,000.

238 Ruskin Rd., Alice Russ, Peter Russ to Paul Cheney, Alicia Cheney, $200,000.

72 Old Lyme Dr., U3, James Mathews, Joyce Mathews to Kimberly Kuciel, $58,000.

356 Westfield Rd., Howard Cady to Leo Cudney, $10,000.

7770 Transit Rd., (The) JK Group Llc, DKI Partnership to (The) Uniland Partnership of Delaware LP, $608,680.

3G Homer Lane, Jacqueline McGuire to Samuel Nicosia, Janette Nicosia, $82,000.

87 Azure Pine Court, NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to Denise Serio, $148,165.

5854 Main St., Unit 303, Joseph Erhart to Arthur Levandowski, Sophie Levandowski, $68,500.

2 Keph Dr., Unit 2, Michael Gluc to Stephen Siejka, $80,000.

64 Hendricks Blvd., Martin Tricoli to Michelle Selover, $112,000.

165 Old Lyme Rd., #3, Stanley Zionts, H Zionts to Ismet Hallac, $53,500.

31 Addison Ave., (The) Cit Group/Consumer Finance Inc. to Ahmed Eid, $61,000.

31 Addison Ave., Humphrey Stinson, Jane Stinson to (The) Cit Group/Consumer Finance Inc., $61,543.

152 North Long St., Maria Havens to Thomas Augustynek, Lori Augustynek, $98,000.

525 Grover Cleveland Hwy, Agnus Colucci to Mark Rich, $80,000.

59 Old Lyme Dr., U2, Marcia Burstein to Mary Lawler, $55,500.

154 Paradise Rd., Kenneth Rauch, Debbie Rauch to GE Capital Mortgage Services Inc., $135,000.

19 Limestone Dr., U3, Roy Jordan to Steven Sofferin, Lisa Sofferin, $84,500.

84 North Brier Road, Theo Kahn to Patrick Hayes, Peggy Hayes, $162,500.

8 Keph Dr., Garage #30, Kurt Neukom, Margrit Neukom to Muriel Anderson, $5,800.

530 Grover Cleveland Pkwy., Tricia White, Peter White to Brenda Cawthon, $84,000.

8 Keph Dr., U4, Kurt Neukom, Margrit Neukom to Marci Gagliardo, $105,000.

80 Walton Dr., Grace Perez-Lara, Rafael Perez-Lara to James Bagwell, Mary Bagwell, $118,500.

255 Saratoga Rd., John Oddi, Rose Oddi to Beth Reda, $64,900.

1 Goldfinch Court, Aames Capital Corp. to Steven Davey, Suzon Davey, $108,000.

298 Oakbrook Drive, Ronald Schwartz, Deborah Schwartz to Mara Reynolds, $155,000.

6490 Main St., Ste 3, William Lawson, Jeffrey Kingsbury to Joseph Margarone, $1,000.

113 Montbleu, Linda Hagelberger to Liang Gu, Lan Zhang, $125,000.

871 Dodge Rd., Larry Ensminger, Linda Hanes to James Allen, Amy Allen, $104,000.

108 B Foxberry Dr., Vincent Visciano, Rita Visciano to Mohamed Kamal, $58,300.

143 Coventry, David Carver, Carla Carver to Thomas Parker, $136,750.

1240 Youngs Rd., Ug, Jeffrey Malec to Brij Bihani, Teeru Bihani, $64,625.

56 Oakview Drive, Jay Freedman, Kerry Freedman to Beth Huerta, $156,500.

36 Huxley Dr., Gregory Edwards to David Carver, Carla Carver, $135,500.


1559 Hubbard Rd., Howard Lang, Patricia Lang to Ronald Ast, Yvonne Ast, $140,000.

181 Elmwood Ave., Henry Wall, Jane Wall to Roger Esslinger, Arlene Esslinger, $130,000.

6341 Olean Rd., Gregory Michaels, Karyn Michaels to Thomas Brunn, $108,900.

503 Grover Rd., Lisa Knerr, Kenneth Knerr to Frederick Koch, $69,900.

22 Canterbury Lane, Donald Seebohm, Ellen Seebohm to Roger Ronald, Carolyn Ronald, $207,000.

125 Whaley Ave., Steven Knopfke, Lee Knopfke to David Brundage, $84,250.

305 Gleed Ave., David Foley, Lisa Foley to Gregory Jaeger, Kristin Jaeger, $115,400.

946 Olean Rd., HUD to Maynard Westfall, Mildred Westfall, $55,157.

1330 Big Tree Rd., Leslie Brenner, Gail Brenner to Carla Tremblay, $180,000.

4 Ravine Ct., Clark Crook, Clark Crook to Robert Montone, Nancy Montone, $360,000.

Vl Emery Rd., Timothy Neal to Tina Hammett, $77,500.


8000 Back Creek Rd., Jonathan Duffett, Julie Duffett to Jennifer Wolfley, $100,000.

5492 Meadow Dr., Michael Walker to Michael Billi, $97,000.

5830 Cloverfield Dr., Sherwood Klein, Margaret Klein to Robin Cox, Kim Cox, $128,000.

Creekside Court, Richard Banko, Jean Banko to Eric Hilbert, Jessica Hilbert, $35,000.


334 Downing St., Mark Tytka, Judith Tytka to Keith Ogden, Nicole Ufland, $84,000.

76 Tennyson Ave., Thomas Cleary, Sherri Cleary to Federal National Mortgage Association, $70,891.

1789 Bailey Ave., David Bochynski, Rosemary Bochynski to HUD, $28,431.

253 Tacoma Ave., Thomas Garrow, Lisa Garrow to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $74,503.

115 Thomas, Rose Czajkowski to Barbara Rodriguez, $11,000.

15 Ramona Ave., Robert Tychowskyj, Lynne Tychowskyj to Mark Tytka, Judith Tytka, $84,000.

311 Auburn Street, Carol Russell to Luis Rivera, Maria Rivera, $18,000.

294 Richmond, Martha Truilizio to Martha Territo, Anthony Territo, $49,000.

124 Cumberland Ave., Louise Termini, Philip Termini to Edward Evanisko, Janis Evanisko, $62,500.

78 Langfield, Andrew Moynihan to Nkuma Uche, $45,700.

67 Erb, Danny Daniels to Federal National Mortgage Association, $14,666.

13-15 Pooley Place, Edwin Baez, Mayra Baez to Hector Diaz, Marilyn Colon, $55,000.

941 Genesee St., Henry Slaughter, Willie Slaughter to King Urban Life Center Inc., $30,000.

116 Rivermist, Reza Ghaffari, Patricia Ghaffari to Timothy Connolly, $565,000.

178 Hampshire, Lucille Cicero, Anthony Battaglia to Kathy Terry, $20,500.

200 Whitehall, James Zgoda to Kenneth Lockwood, $58,500.

793 Tifft St., Eleanor Leonard to Nelson Tedesco, Holly Tedesco, $54,000.

115 Garner Ave., Clara Torres to EMC Mortgage Corp., $64,715.

117 Prenatt St., Michael Platt to Prenatt Corp., $59,000.

237 Lisbon, Charles Battaglia, Cathy Battaglia to Lonnie Miller, $45,000.

520 Main St., Gamlers Realty Corp. to 1239 Group Llc, $105,000.

140 Park St., Judy Hayes, Judy Gerich to Joseph Hembree, $69,900.

25 Homer Ave., Caterina Casola, Dominic Casola to Denise Chapman, $112,000.

45 Humason Avenue, Barbara Kinnaird, Margaret Oleska to Systemsmortgage Electronic Registration, $72,406.

972 Parkside, David Routon to Christopher Massing, Amy Massing, $113,000.

164 Hastings, Jo Doherty to Lisa Walker, $42,560.

650 West Ave., Linda Muslah to Rasool Abdussattar, $20,000.

10 Teresa Pl., Robert Mcaneney, Jacqueline Mcaneney to Michele Kiesewetter, $62,000.

126 Rodney Ave., Kisreal Blackmon, Venetter Blackmon to James Stephens, $25,000.

57 Moreland Ave., Joseph Myslek, Angeline Myslek to Henry Landry, $45,000.

234 Grant St., Manufacturers&Traders Trust Co. to Guercio Brothers, $31,000.

234 Grant St., Michael Aquino to Manufacturers&Traders Trust Co., $59,636.

386 Esser Ave., Virginia Medakovich, Stephen Medakovich to William Laporta, $10,000.

361 Elmwood Ave., Mary Fleissner to Frank Lotempio, $97,500.

241 Lakefront Blvd., Thomas Dee, Rosanne Dee to Michael Gluc, Mary Keenan, $162,000.

26 Hillery St., William Anderson to Joseph Kalinowski, $6,000.

123 Ideal St., Thomas Koeppel to Buffalo Home Equity Living Plans Inc., $30,000.

619 Bird Ave., Frances Termini to Elizabeth Lenz, $74,000.

143 Sobieski St., Frank Bartscheck to Darul-Uloom Al-Madania Inc., $13,000.

58 Alma Avenue, James Alexander to HUD, $44,694.

65 North Ogden St., Antonio Punturiero, Salvatrice Punturiero to Jeffrey Zdzinski, $28,500.

208 Sterling Ave., PHH Mortgage Services Corp. to HUD, $87,556.

51 Norwood Ave., Dan King, Sheila Taylor-King to Federal National Mortgage Association, $115,901.

445 Colvin St., Lawrence Cohen, Ann Cohen to Sam Dipiano, Sheila Anderson, $55,000.

2127 Genesee St., William Corwin to Instantwhip Buffalo Inc., $17,500.

1842-1844 Seneca St., Anthony Scaccia, Yolanda Scaccia to Joseph Vidal, $45,000.

46 Kopernick, Mark Matecki, Judith Matecki to Maria Lacorte, $51,500.

5 Harbour Pointe Common, 082896 Donald&Barbara M. Yates Living Trust to Thomas Dee, Rosanne Dee, $225,000.

94 Madison St., HUD to Alicia Thompson, $28,500.

721 Plymouth Ave., Richard Ford, Paula Ford to Systemsmortgage Electronic Registration, $30,188.

285 Highgate Ave., Peter Spadinger, Margaret Spadinger to Carthen Carter, $79,000.

89 Wm Price Memorial Pkwy., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Kenneth Brown, $178,950.

33 Clay St., Fremont Investment&Loan to Patrick Ebert, John Ebert, $27,000.

649 Lisbon Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gary Jones, $12,500.

649 Lisbon Ave., David Rollinson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $66,500.

32 Janet St., Charter One Credit Corp. to Denise Raymond, $15,000.

89 Zelmer Street, James Pfohl to Heydrich Tyner, $16,000.

47 Campbell, Mary Bielicki, Stanley Bielicki to Marianna Asare, $61,000.

216 Ericson Ave., HUD to Barbara Cathcart, $6,500.

850 Parkside Ave., Melvin Devore, Ann Devore to Jacqueline Kenny, $87,500.

287 Downing St., Mary Wilson, William Wilson to David Darmstedter, Gina Darmstedter, $75,000.

498 Winspear, Edward Stetzer, Donna Stetzer to Ernest Hines, Mary Hines, $42,000.

100 John Paul Ct., HUD to Samantha Croskery, George Croskery, $35,500.

601 Admirals Walk, Marcy Edmunds to Sameer Patel, $170,000.

198 Anderson Pl., Michael Logue, Mary Logue to Richard Morrisroe, Iris Morrisroe, $123,600.

U3a 800 W Ferry St., Norman Effman, Joan Effman to HECP Trust, $58,000.

1088 Delaware Ave., Delaware Towers Associates Lp to Fred Luongo, Michael Barone, $66,500.

394 Summer St., Donald Borowiak, Donald Borowiak to Nathan Haselbauer, $48,000.

434 Hoyt, Mid-Ohio Securities Corp. to Marcell Eccles, $49,900.

547 Potomac Ave., Amresco New England Ii Lp to Donald Leone, $43,500.

600 E Amherst St., Marcus Dixon to HUD, $42,000.


24 Lyman, Willie Janisch, Laura Janisch to Judith Collins, $78,000.

81 Claude St., Monica Schultz, Michael Schultz to Rebecca Schultz, $70,000.

116 Beale Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs, United States of America to Bruce Biltekoff, $33,900.

152 Kilborne, Betty Polus, Bertha Johnston to Craig Politowski, Colleen Politowski, $48,000.

19 Heather Rd., Household Finance Realty Corp. of New York to Andrew Wagner, Deborah Wagner, $36,050.

3828 Broadway, Iskalo Properties I Llc to Michael Sebastiano, Marie Sebastiano, $9,100.

149 Crandon Blvd., Trust Agreement of Johann Haas&Judith A Haas to David Mergenthaler, Colette Mergenthaler, $75,000.

Broadway St., Michael Sebastiano, Marie Sebastiano to Iskalo Properties I Llc, $210,000.

1461 Losson Rd., Richard Makarowski, Patricia Makarowski to Michael Allein, $94,000.

88 Rowley Hollow, John Lach, Julie Lach to Mary Verost, $137,000.

71 Grand Blvd., Maryann Long to Catherine Wrona, $63,000.

72 Marne Rd., HUD to Charles Sciandra, Peter Sciandra, $24,000.

44 Liberty Terr, Barbara Wedekindt, Barbara Wedekindt to Tina Moss, Othella Tyler, $67,000.

55 Mckenzie Court, Bruce Gervan, Joanne Gervan to Michael Rusiniak, $106,500.

66 Jessica Lane, Ronald Sygnatur, Patricia Sygnatur to Lawrence Zulawski, Jane Zulawski, $121,500.

199 Oehman Blvd., Eleanor Meyer to Donald Bogdan, Janice Bogdan, $56,250.

2618 Union Rd., William Jenney, William Jenney to Dolores Jakubczak, $95,000.

126 Bronx Dr., Wayne Kinney to Scot Patterson, Renee Patterson, $86,000.

19 Chopin Pl., Kathleen Sidote to Jodie Lombardo, $58,195.

80 Gierlach St., Pamela Sprague, Pamela Tysiac to Robert Saar, Linda Saar, $64,000.

65 S Century Rd., David Vallin, Karen Vallin to Alice Phillips, $86,100.

184 Harris Ct., Kenneth Symes, Joyce Symes to Griffith Lanthier, Beverly Lanthier, $69,500.

22 Pine Ridge Terr, Helen Majchrzak, Helen Majchrzak to Judy Barnes, $48,000.


9280 Main St., Harold Jansen, Rosemary Jansen to Lucian Visone, Lucian Visone, $125,000.

Millcreek Drive, Meadowlakes Development Corp. to Frank Broderick, Sandra Broderick, $51,500.

4885 Sawmill Rd., Charles Kelkenberg to Albert Stewart, $100,000.

5405 Center Pine Lane, Kevin Smith, Kierstin Smith to Christina Roffelsen, $315,000.

5565 Woods Edge Ct., Patrick Murzyn, Cheryl Murzyn to Ronald Schwartz, Deborah Schwartz, $292,000.

32 Ainsley Ct., James Wicks to Carolyn Jones, $205,000.

8270 Clarence Ctr Rd., James Burkard to Steven Jurek, Sandra Jurek, $88,000.

8882 Michael Douglas Dr., Castine&Connor Inc. to Michael Rickert, Kathe Rickert, $176,000.

5291 Via Del Sole, Palumbo Custom Homes Inc. to Thomas Stewart, $275,000.

9530 Turnstone Dr., Stephen Inacker, Alane Inacker to Lawrence Psaris, Catherine Psaris, $605,000.

4515 Timberlakes Dr., Edward Kader, Patricia Kader to Timothy Setteducati, Susan Setteducati, $115,000.

5291 Via Del Sole, KNF Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint Venture to Palumbo Custom Homes Inc., $42,000.

5252 Green Valley Dr., Karen Vasbinder to Mark Stevenson, Amy Stevenson, $100,000.

9055&9059 Main St., Harriet Riggio to Charles Riggio, Taine Riggio, $304,300.

9656 Keller Road, Larry Meland to Glen Stuhlmiller, Connie Stuhlmiller, $105,000.

8220 Wolcott Rd., Kim Tucker, Kim Faso to Robin Brand, Steffan Brand, $36,000.

4895 Sawmill Rd., Charles Kelkenberg to Albert Stewart, $80,000.

5030 Shalebluff Ct., Bielmeier Builders Inc. to Bradley Bacon, Wendy Bacon, $160,000.

8665 Tonawanda Creek Rd., Leokadya Cirrincione to Thomas Dugan, $25,000.


Darien Rd., Colden, Mary Underhill, Mary Duke to Gary Addeo, Niki Addeo, $48,000.


51 Elk St., Frank Noeson, Sheila Noeson to Dinesh Eaves, Belinda Eaves, $102,750.

43 East Ave., Mark Klocke, Constance Klocke to John Slivka, Lynn Slivka, $160,000.


4254 Haag Rd., James Stoyle, Philip Rosinski to Terry Griswold, Lucinda Griswold, $23,000.


Vacant Land, Frador Marketing Inc. to Robert Pfohl, Emily Pfohl, $223,496.

141 Argyle Ave., Fleet National Bank to Lawrence Lamacchia, Elizabeth Lamacchia, $20,700.

156 Argyle Ave., Peter Church, Brenda Church to HSBC (USA) Mortgage Corp., $53,603.

7009 Schuyler Dr., William Barrett, Philip Henja to First Union National Bank of Delaware, First Union Home Equity Bank, $59,863.

7009 Schuyler Dr., First Union National Bank of Delaware to Nicolas Valentine, Joseph Valentine, $29,500.

1307 Peppertree Dr., Jeffery King, Julie King to Diane MacDonald, $74,000.


50 Riverwoods Drive, Sheila Ferrentino, Sheila Snyder to James Tallerico, Janet Tallerico, $255,000.

1921 Marjorie Road, Richard Gibbs to Max Grabiec, $82,100.

3272 Love Rd., Charles Sperazza, Charles Sperrazza to Prudential Insurance Co. of America, $91,000.

25 Marilyn Dr., Mary McDonnell to Cari Lebarron, $77,000.

3272 Love Rd., Prudential Insurance Co. of America to Mark Valle, Lisa Valle, $95,000.

1587 Bronson Rd., Timothy Phillips to Paul Chrzanowski, Karen Vasbinder, $263,000.

426 Whitehaven Rd., John W. Stickl Construction Co. Inc. to MPB Real Property Grantor Trust, $150,550.


5148 Azalea Ct., Sunrise Builders Inc., Sunrise Homes to Joseph Parker, Natalie Parker, $76,500.

3624 Seventh St., Theodore Klein to Richard Conrad, Rita Conrad, $18,000.

4269 Arrowwood Dr., Donato Homes Inc. to Mark Mankowski, Deanne Mankowski, $135,000.

55 Highland Ave., Michael Ruh, Karen Ruh to Corbitt Lewis, Donna Lewis, $110,000.

78 Mark Avenue, Francis Shea, Marie Shea to Jason Armbruster, Kathryn Armbruster, $125,000.

West Arnold Dr., Mitchell Matusick, Theresa Matusick to William Geary, Mary Geary, $11,250.

17 Hawkins Ave., Michael Forczek, Lisa Forczek to James Franz, $84,000.

6462 Trillium Court, Melvin Scinta, Carolyn Scinta to (The) Bank of New York, $122,665.

S-3329 McKinley Pkwy., Cynthia Mazurkiewicz, Cynthia Parker to State St. Bank&Trust Co, Ric MTG Pass Through Certificates Series, $20,411.

3652 Columbia St., Salvatore Morreale, Josephine Morreale to David Dabolt, Annette Dabolt, $70,000.

4528 McKinley Pkwy., Theresa Vukelic, Estelle Kent to Sylvester Stang, Josephine Stang, $89,000.

4198 Victorian Dr., Miguel Cerrillo, Mary Cerrillo to Michael Hayden, $118,000.

5841 Shamrock Ct., Patrick Properties Llc to William Cox, $40,000.

Vl Holly Pl., Robert Wolfe, Madonna Wolfe to Rolling Ridge Development Llc, $131,500.

821 Willett Rd., Mary Stremlow, Carol Diliberto to David Siedlecki, $115,000.

58 Foxcroft, Kathleen Klopfer to Bryan Juntunen, Nate Juntunen, $87,500.

West Arnold Dr., Mitchell Matusick, Theresa Matusick to Richard Tripp, Sandra Tripp, $11,250.


3032 South Park Ave., William Kreps, April Kreps to HUD, $75,433.

28 Wiklesbarre Ave., Husn Elbaneh, Jaber Elbaneh to Shukry Elbaneh, $20,000.

91 Weber, Francis Warthling, Gail Walter to Michael Beyers, $75,000.

174-176 Odell St., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Evelyn Mccutcheon, $88,751.

133 Keever Ave., HUD to Colleen Brown, $28,200.


1 Pondview Court, Joann Heater, Michael Heater to Ivan Soto, Shirley Soto, $205,000.

Schlemmer Rd., Michael Falgiano to Alfredo Zeolla, Lidia Zeolla, $15,000.

217 Nathans Trail, Donato Homes Inc. to Michael Reeb, Cynthia Reeb, $147,930.

975 Erie St., Joseph Lesinski, Dennis Lesinski to Daryle Okoniewski, Christine Okoniewski, $92,000.

66 Olde Stone Lane, Lee Oman to Scott Gilray, $86,900.

78 Stonybrook Dr., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Daniel Greenzweig, Joann Greenzweig, $211,860.

8 Hampton Ct., Caesar Tucci, Charlotte Tucci to Bruce Gervan, Joanne Gervan, $153,000.

Cedarbrook Stonybrook, Pleasantview Associates to (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp., $165,000.

114 Newberry Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Peter Musialowski, Lisa Musialowski, $143,224.

158 Pleasantview Dr., Ronald Kimmel, Ronald Kimmel to Michael Haun, Monica Haun, $171,000.

35 Sussex Lane, Windsor Ridge Partners Llc, Windsor Ridge Partners to Stephen Battaglia, Kathleen Battaglia, $230,142.

79 Banner Ave., Kenneth Grzankowski, Elaine Grzankowski to Paul Rudz, Corinne Rudz, $85,000.

14 Schiffler Ct., RJF Development Jv to Albert Dirschberger, Ann-Marie Dirschberger, $35,900.

180 Nathans Trail, Walter Ferry to Damon Accurso, Nina Accurso, $33,000.

William St., Cheryl Hart to Kerry Chamberlin, Patricia Chamberlin, $31,100.


3555 Westview Ct., Margaret Summersgill, William Summersgill to Gregory Hermans, $170,000.


N Shirley Rd., Timothy Tiburzi, Sharon Tiburzi to Greg Gibbs, Pamela Gibbs, $25,000.


12258 Lesswing Rd., Elaine Servis to Mark Hofmeier, $127,000.

Carney Rd., Vacant, Carl Haist to Lisa Quinn, $8,000.

83 Bloomingdale Ave., Robert Finnigan, Valerie Finnigan to Robert Finnigan, $25,000.


6321 Armour Duells Rd., Nancy Thompson, Nancy Dougherty to Clayton Spaeth, $92,000.

15 Sitka Circle, Chestnut Ridge Village Inc. to Ziad Hasasneh, Denise Hasasneh, $230,000.

5245 Powers Rd., Michael Corbin, Cynthia Corbin to Robert Horvath, Maryann Horvath, $129,000.

29 Wildwood Lane, Albert Franke, Albert Fronckowiak to Barbara Battistella, $187,000.

3880 Abbott Rd., Margaret Farr, Clyde Farr to W Milligan, $92,000.

Ellicott Rd., Maryanna Gerling to James Gerling, $12,000.

6069 Hunting Rd., Donald Fakler, Joan Fakler to Michael Coyle, Jeanne Coyle, $165,000.


683 S Niagara St., Howard Lutz to Joseph Dudek, Patricia Dudek, $105,000.

248 Hinds St., Angus MacDonald to Salvatore Aceti, Linda Aceti, $78,500.

399 Niagara St., RL Anderson Construction Inc. to Edwin Baez, Mayra Baez, $139,900.

136 Minerva St., Virginia Dehn to Ronald Czajkowski, $66,000.

16 Minerva St., Tracey Baez to Thomas Helmicki, Wanda Helmicki, $46,800.


110 Ivy Lea, Daniel Glushefski to Thomas Ruffino, Michele Ruffino, $85,500.

56 Quaker Ridge Road, Clarence Earsing, Rita Earsing to John Flynn, Debra Flynn, $118,500.

10-16 Bellah Pl., Norma Fischer to Miro Dizdar, Mara Dizdar, $53,000.

109 Glenalby Rd., Theodore Ludwig, Jane Ludwig to Jason Kepner, $89,000.

158 Riverdale Avenue, Martin Link, Judith Link to David Smith, $68,000.

75 Mosher Dr., Dorothy Vetter, George Vetter to Paul Gast, $67,500.

700-720 Riverview Blvd., MDH Co. Inc. to Hebeler Corp., $96,700.

42 Briarhurst Dr., Melody Day to HUD, $109,920.

217 Briarhurst, Joyce Davis, Joyce Costello to Jeffrey Bieber, Tammy Bieber, $77,500.

137 Glencove Rd., William Barwell, Janis Barwell to Nancy Meyers, $71,000.

251 Grayton Rd., Shirley Dobmeier, Norman Dobmeier to Frank Wozniak, Elena Wozniak, $118,000.

76 Enola Ave., James Bingert to Winston Barrus, Kathleen Barrus, $83,000.

38-44 Burns St., Richard Johnson, Earl Johnson to (The) Town of $43,000.

726 Harrison Ave., Marc Peters, Karen Peters to Cary Duerr, $78,500.

248 Niagara Falls Blvd., Thomas Bensink to John Alfieri, $67,000.

301 Lowell Rd., Barbara Wilbur, Frederick Wilbur to Amy Hayek, $72,000.

198 Blackstone Blvd., Mark Janik to Charles Volpe, $87,000.

189 Niagara Shore Dr., Joseph Holevinski, Mary Smist to Frank Rodon, Karen Rodon, $145,000.

207 Westgate Rd., Nancy Heffron to Justin Priola, Virginia Priola, $62,000.

349 Tremaine Ave., Amelia Maraschiello to Frank Maraschiello, Jeanne Maraschiello, $46,000.

2834 Delaware Ave., Josephine Forzisi to Tamra Michalowski, Mary Koehne, $68,500.

119 Devonshire Rd., Helen Roesser to Judith Miller, $177,000.

207 E Hazeltine, Anna Pari to David Leonard, $46,000.


5070 Hunters Creek Rd., Charles Meatyard to Patrick Healy, Debra Healy, $65,000.

5363 East Creek Rd., Donna Cook to Eric Beiter, $90,000.


395 Meadow Dr., Distinctive Homes of Western New York Inc. to Robert Tychowskyj, Lynne Tychowskyj, $178,500.

106 Villa Maria, Raymond Lawson, Vicki Lawson to Mary Domanski, $133,500.

339 Union Rd., Charles Lamarca, Lasandra Lamarca to Adam Stockmeyer, Suzanne Chapman, $69,000.

53 Woodlane Dr., Mollie Sweeney to Louise Alessi, $30,000.

Florence Ave., William Kaczor, Joan Kaczor to Roxanne Labby, $17,900.

57 Theresa Court, James Godwin, Francine Godwin to Joseph Mccarthy, $104,900.

400 W Ave., U D4, Dennis Oniszczak, Susan Oniszczak to Timothy Riordan, Mary Riordan, $86,500.

121-123 Brookside Dr., Kim Montondo, Kim Schulenberg to Robert Kunz, $72,000.

99 Bayberry Ave., Jeanne Schwartz to Ann Connolly, $85,000.

70 Sunbriar Dr., Herman Andrea Brant to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $80,000.

108 Suburban Ct., 012897 John&Rita E Menear Living Trust to Philip Fenton, Cheryl Fenton, $109,900.

146 Elmford Dr., James Kaminski, Cynthia Veiders to Cynthia Veiders, Ronald Veiders, $34,000.

267 Reserve Rd., Donald Meissner, Herbert Meissner to Robert McAneney, Jacqueline McAneney, $105,000.

21 N Hill Dr., Patricia Mariacher to Rita Browne, $111,000.

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