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Lackawanna Common Council President Norman L. Polanski Jr. intends to cast the swing vote today to accept $487,210 in street repair grants.

Polanski, who voted Sept. 4 to table the request, said that although street work will go to only two of the four wards, he will vote with the two members whose districts will benefit to ensure passage.

Tabling last week saved the application from being killed on the spot by a 2-2 tie, Polanski said.

Councilmen Ronald Spadone, 4th Ward, and Councilman Gerald DePasquale, 3rd Ward, had objected to the funding, noting that their wards are not included.

DePasquale, a former ally of Mayor John J. Kuryak, said the city has $800,000 in bond money for street repairs. He is fighting for the Democratic Party line in the primary, where he is not endorsed by the city committee, a shunning he links to the lack of street repairs in his ward.

First Ward Councilman Ricardo Estrada and Second Ward Councilman Daniel Kozub have the backing of the city Democratic committee endorsements and will get the street repairs if funding is approved. Their wards, because of low income levels, are eligible for federal grants.

Kuryak, who said the city repaired 10 streets in the 3rd and 4th wards in the year 2000, announced that many neighborhoods need street work that will be scheduled as money becomes available. Only the 1st and 2nd wards are eligible for the grants, he said.

Polanski said he will bring the roads request for the 1st and 2nd wards back at today's meeting and it will pass with at least three votes, including his.


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