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I attended the public hearing of the Amherst Town Board at which a petition was considered to rezone 1000 North Forest Rd. to permit the building of garden apartments that would be affordable to senior citizens of moderate income.

A number of property owners in the neighborhood spoke in opposition to the rezoning. Several voiced the opinion that this is not a good site for affordable senior housing because it is not within walking distance of a supermarket or along a major bus line.

I was left with the impression that some of these speakers believe that moderate-incomeseniors are either too poor to afford cars or too infirm to drive them. Let me correct them. I am a moderate-income senior on a fixed income, but I do own a car, which I am still capable of driving.

I regularly drive to the public library, which is right across from the Amherst Senior Center, where the large parking lot is often filled with the cars of moderate-income seniors who come to participate in the fine programs offered there.

I also use my car to go shopping, for medical appointments, to visit with family and friends and to volunteer for community organizations.

I trust that Amherst's elected officials will not limit the location of affordable senior housing to the back parking lots of Tops or Wegmans. Like most residents, moderate-income seniors value green space and would like to live where we can see a tree or two, even if it means we have to drive on occasion.

Enjoyment of green space should not be limited to the owners of expensive single-family homes. I hope homeowners in the North Forest neighborhood will see their way clear to sharing their grass and trees with some moderate-income seniors.



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