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You know Roseanne, but have you met Baby, Cindy, Susan, Nobody, Joey and Heather?

These are the names of some of the multiple personalities the former talk-show host and comedian says she's had.

Now 48, Roseanne is talking -- and, as usual, joking -- about the multiple-personality disorder she says she's suffered from since childhood.

"It comes out of being a kid," she tells Esquire magazine in its August issue. "It comes out of the mind, they say, between 2 and 5 years old. When you're at that emotional-development level where you really can't tell the difference between what's in your head and what's outside your head, people-wise.

"That's why I have trouble with assistants. Because I think I tell them things, but the truth is, I told it to somebody inside my head. And then I go crazy because the assistant said I didn't tell them."

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