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Regarding the June 13 letter, "Not all Palestinians are terrorists," I agree with the headline. Most reasonable people would agree that it would be wrong to condemn entire groups based on stereotypes or the actions of a few. But that has nothing to do with what the writer offered.

Instead, he offered us all sorts of heinous crimes supposedly committed against the Palestinian people by the Israelis. In opening, he cited the story of Ann Frank, and tried to make equivalence of genocide to portrayed conditions of the Palestinians.

Even if all accusations against Israel were true, although easily disprovable, there is no equivalence to genocide. I reject the attempt to equate genocide to the portrayed condition of the Palestinians.

The writer complained that those who raise points as he has have suffered the accusations of anti-Semitism. Maybe so. However, when the facts are examined in the proper context, those making anti-Israel claims are either ignorant of the truth or are in factanti-Semitic.

Perhaps the writer should ask why there are Palestinian civilian casualties. Could it be because Palestinian gunmen shoot from civilian areas, and return fire can cause casualties? It is an acknowledged plan by the Palestinian Authority to provoke an Israeli response to its heinous acts to force international intervention. That is why Palestinian terrorists target Israeli civilians.

Conversely, it has been recognized by most knowledgeable people that Israeli policy is to avoid non-combatant casualties.

The writer claimed to have been horrified by the fate of Ann Frank and the Holocaust. However, he did not protest the virulent anti-Semitic material cranked out by the Arab media in the Middle East, and in all areas of Palestinian life.

This isn't merely reminiscent of Nazi-era material, this is virtually identical, with some newly created anti-Jewish myths added in.


East Amherst

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