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I am pleased to hear about high-stakes gambling being promised to the region. I think it's a great way to boost the economy and tourism. As a visitor to Las Vegas and the Foxwoods casino complex in Connecticut, let me say that a casino does not have to be 100 percent gaming.

I can see where people would be against gaming, but have they been to any casino resort in Las Vegas? Many of the casinos have a theme, whether it's a white tiger exhibit or an entire floor devoted to NASCAR racing. This draws families to visit these areas, not just the casino.

Look at the possibilities the Pier complex boasts on the waterfront. We could have an all-year entertainment complex with a casino combined with family-oriented places to visit, themed restaurants and shows.

If a casino is built with the right attitude and people, it will bring tourists back again and again. Change is never going to happen if we continue to have a negative attitude. Life is a gamble. Let's take a chance on building something good. We might be surprised at the outcome.



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