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For years, our city planners have pondered how to get people back into the city. Now they have an opportunity to do so, and put a shot into the arm of the downtown economy, with the announcement of a downtown casino.

But in the same breath, officials mentioned the Pier as a possible site. What are they thinking? The casino must be located downtown so downtown businesses and property owners can benefit. Who will benefit by locating the casino at the isolated and bankrupted Pier? The NFTA?

We should put the casino in the current convention center and then build the new convention center that we have been talking about for the last five years. Boy, what a novel idea that might be. With the casino and a new convention center, the city might even be able to book some national conventions. The hotels would be full, restaurants would flourish, businesses would sell their goods, the revitalized Chippewa Street would continue to thrive, and perhaps even Main Street would again. What an opportunity. I hope the city planners don't screw this one up and let another golden opportunity pass them by. Locate the casino downtown.



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