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I am writing in response to the debate over the Kennedy-McCain bill concerning HMO reform. Apparently, President Bush has again deceived us with his definition of bipartisanship.

Although he promised during the campaign to work with both parties to accomplish things for the American people, his most recent actions concerning a patients' bill of rights disprove any normal interpretation of bipartisanship.

Apparently what Bush meant was that he would be bipartisan to the extent that he would welcome any Democrats who wish to support his policies that are more to the right than center. His threatened veto of the bill before the Senate even opened debate does not coincide with popular American opinion. Polls indicate that many Americans are interested in a patients' bill of rights that supports their interests rather than those of HMOs.

Perhaps Bush should put aside his personal thoughts on the matter and do what is best for Americans -- pass the Kennedy-McCain bill and put Americans before HMOs.


Orchard Park

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