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If anyone doubts there is a God, here's a story about a miracle.

My husband, Walter, had many times told our parish priest, Father Herold Nuwer of Immaculate Conception Church of Ransomville, to call him - any time, day or night - if he ever needed to go anywhere.

Last March 11, at 8:15 p.m., Father called Walt to ask if he would take him to Mount St. Mary's Hospital in Lewiston because he was ill. At first, Father Nuwer said he was going to call a young parishioner, but then he remembered my husband's comments.

When Walt left home, he kissed me and said, "Good bye, honey." This frightened me, because usually he would say, "I'll see you in a little while."

While he was gone, I regretted that I didn't go with him. But I thought the two of them might like to be alone to talk, without a woman around. God must have been telling us something that we didn't comprehend.

As Father Nuwer sat in the hospital, waiting to be treated, Walt began to feel ill. When Dr. Steven Gasiewicz came in to check on Father, Walt asked, "What do you have to do around here to get an aspirin?"

The doctor looked at Walt and said, "You don't look well." After asking Walt if he'd like to be examined, Gasiewicz and Dr. Lee Routseto took him to an emergency room bed. That is all Walt remembers. He had a heart attack and had to be revived.

We know God's divine intervention - through Father Nuwer - caused Walt to be in the right place at that precious, life-saving time. The doctors told us that if he had been at home, he would never have survived a 911 call.

How could anyone ever doubt God's loving and caring ways and his powers? God has more work for Walt to do here on earth.

Walt had stent surgery at Buffalo General Hospital. Dr. James Conley, who was most pleasant and understanding, truly cares about his patients and their families. After the surgery, he showed my daughter and me pictures of the blocked artery and where he put the stents.

Walt is home now and feeling fine. He has been the beneficiary of many, many prayers of neighbors, families and friends.

In my constant praying at Walt's bedside, I just knew God was there with us. He had performed another miracle. How could anyone wonder, even for a moment, if there is a God? He watches over all of us - the weak as well as the strong.

God has truly blessed us many other times, but this was a very special blessing. We were able to celebrate our 60th wedding anniversary on April 19 with a Mass and a renewal of our wedding vows.

MARY JANE KELSCH and her husband live in Sanborn.

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