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The proposal to spend $40 million to turn a strip of the Kensington Expressway into a tunnel, creating a park overhead, is absurd and should be quickly forgotten. The City of Buffalo is, to put it lightly, depressing. The economy is poor, retail is all but gone and new construction and development simply aren't apparent.

Additionally, the public school system does an injustice to our students. Teachers are scarce, buildings are old and outdated, and the education one receives pales in comparison to what a student receives in the suburbs.

Our city is in dire need of many capital improvements and changes to better the community. The money simply isn't there, and even if it were, spending $40 million creating new green space isn't warranted.

The city hasn't proven itself capable of maintaining its existing parks. Delaware Park, one of our greatest assets, is in desperate need of a face-lift. The playgrounds, ballparks and other areas of greenery throughout the city need to be brought up to par with the suburbs and other cities of Buffalo's caliber.

It is therefore appalling to believe that some elected officials support spending $40 million to create a park that would appease residents of the East Side who live along the expressway. Council members Antoine Thompson, Barbara Miller-Williams and Betty Jean Grant have to realize that the city doesn't have that kind of money, and if it did, there are much better ways to spend it.

These elected officials should be focusing their legislative efforts at improving the economy, school system, housing and other aspects of the community as a whole. Buffalo is crying for leadership that is capable of taking the initiative to improve the city and the way of life for all of its residents.

There are more important and responsible ways to spend this kind of money. It could be used to attract new businesses and national companies to the area through tax breaks, to develop our waterfront or to improve our school system, housing and parks.



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