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Movies: Opening Friday, "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence": Steven Spielberg directs and Haley Joel Osment stars in a tale about a robotic boy who longs for something more.

New on video: Today, "Dude, Where's My Car?" (for fans of Bill and Ted), "Unbreakable" (from director of "Sixth Sense").

Concerts: July 2, Dido (With Travis), Six Flags Darien Lake.

Other: July 23, World Wrestling Federation "Raw Is War," HSBC Arena.

There's a new way to calm down your frazzled canine: aromatherapy. Nope, we're not kidding. The same concept that's used to de-stress worked-up humans is also the hottest trend in doggie therapy. Aromaleigh's Canine Calming Synergy Spritz will soothe your stressed-out puppy with essential oils like valerian, vetiver, mandarin petitgrain, sweet marjoram and sweet orange. Plus, there are flower essences, like cherry plum and clematis, to provide emotional support and balance.

The calming spray is designed specifically for animals, so don't fret about whether it's safe for Fido. Mist the stuff on your furniture, in your pup's bed, or in the air around your frazzled pooch. The super spritz comes in an 8-ounce bottle for $16 or a 4-ounce bottle for $10. Visit to order and to check out other doggie products, like Stinky Dog Spritzes and Minty Citrus Shampoo.

You've probably seen hundreds of films in your lifetime. Instead of sitting in the audience, why not step behind the camera and create a movie of your own? Don't know where to start? AdmitOne ( can help. Created by the Artists Rights Foundation, the site is dedicated to educating teenagers about the filmmaking process.

Be warned: You'll need more than a camera and a bullhorn to make your own blockbuster. From pre-production through final editing, AdmitOne's film school section takes you through the filming process, step-by-step. The site also provides a great selection of interactive tools and exercises. One such tool is the Ezscript application. Simply type in information on your movie's title, premise, characters and dialogue and Ezscript will organize the information in the form of a script. How cool is that? AdmitOne further offers a downloadable filmmaker's manual you can use for reference.

Follow the steps laid out by the site and soon you'll be a Steven Spielberg in your own right. That's a wrap!

Maybe there was a moment in time when someone thought the idea of mixing peanut butter and chocolate sounded pretty gross. (We doubt it was a very long moment, but you never know.) The point is, some flavor pairings may sound weird in the beginning, but could turn out to be classics. In that spirit, here's the latest crazy combination: fruit-flavored sodas and brewed chili peppers. Loco Soda comes in five flavors -- lime, mango, watermelon, blackberry and raspberry -- and each is infused with a bit of spicy pepper. It sounds weird, but it's really quite tasty.

The fiery, fizzy beverage is all-natural -- no additives, no preservatives and no caffeine. Loco's still a little tough to find, but start looking for it at delis and natural food grocery stores, for a little more than a buck per bottle. For more information on how chili peppers got in a soda bottle, check out

"I learned that it's rare to feel an instant connection. Nervous energy, yes. But not the real thing."

-- "Get Over It" actress Kirsten Dunst talks about her romance with Ben Foster in Mademoiselle magazine.

-- Knight Ridder

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