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Alas, Buffalo is going to mess up again by fighting progress. Instead of having a state-of-the-art zoo that provides healthy living conditions for its animals, Buffalonians are going to fight to preserve a terrible golf course.

I am a Buffalo Zoo member. I love this city and this area. But I continue to observe uninformed and selfish citizens fighting with greedy politicians. They have put their own self-interest ahead of progress. The result of this constant fighting is a city that has lost both people and property values.

Maybe there is too much representation on the Common Council. The result of this over-representation is stalled progress. Every citizen should have a voice, but how democratic is it when the rights of a few thousand golfers take precedent over a few million zoo visitors?

My suggestion is to move the zoo to the suburbs and develop a rapid-transit system that actually goes somewhere. Or we could do nothing. The Toronto Zoo is only a few hours away, if we count the time it takes on the outdated international bridges -- which is another problem.


Orchard Park

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