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All My Children: Her condition worsening, Laura accepted Leo's marriage proposal, and they were wed. Shortly after the ceremony, Laura went into cardiac arrest. Gabriel revealed that Ilene had kidnapped him. Ryan caught Ilene, but in the ensuing struggle, Gillian was shot in the head. Gabriel assisted J.R. after Derek promised him a bed in exchange, and he began to bond with J.R. Mateo had to rush Hayley to the doctor when she doubled over in pain. Isabelle gave in to pressure and allowed Rosa to attend Pine Valley High but left alone, Rosa immediately changed into flashy clothes. Greenlee intended to make Jake see that she's changed. Coming: Erica meets someone new.

As the World Turns: Incriminating evidence went up in smoke. Craig's travel plans were put on hold when he was taken into custody. Cooley offered Katie and Henry a deal, and she had to consider an indecent proposal. Jennifer came face to face with her mother. Hal's suspicions were raised. Lily tried to find reason for optimism, and refused to accept her losses after she was given a sweet piece of evidence. Coming: Carly has an idea to help Jack.

Bold and Beautiful: Tony's debut for the press ended on a sad note when he learned about his friend Ellen's passing, but the conference was successful. Kristen downplayed Thorne and Ridge's warnings, confident of her budding romance with Tony. Meanwhile, a nervous Tony prepared to attend a Forrester dinner party. Ridge supported Taylor's decision to return to work. Brooke vowed that she will make Deacon pay for what he's done to Bridget. Stephanie trapped Deacon into admitting on tape that he's been using Bridget, but Deacon got hold of the tape and destroyed it. Amber couldn't block her attraction to Deacon and kissed him. Coming: Bridget can't deny her growing doubts.

Days of Our Lives: Lexie's insistence that John fathered Hope's baby led him to fear that his ordeal will never end. Abe became increasingly suspicious of Lexie when she implied that Glen's DNA would never match Isaac's. A homeless Kate reluctantly agreed to move in with Fay. After overhearing Jan and Mimi plotting about the dance, Brady didn't object when Victor ordered Nicole to escort Brady to the school fete. Sami was jealous to see Brandon with Greta, even though he reminded her that she chose to be with Austin. Despite herself, Jennifer felt a spark of connection between herself and Jack. Coming: A crisis for Chloe at the dance.

General Hospital: Luke and Laura signed their divorce papers, while Felicia and Mac acknowledged that their marriage is also over. Carly tried to sue Laura to regain her shares of Deception, but Alexis pointed out that Carly's betrayal forfeited her rights. Sonny's attraction for Angel grew. Determined to put an end to Luke, Stavros stole a poisonous vial and headed for the Nurses' Ball. Skye gave Emily and Zander cash to leave town, and when Sorel separated the young lovers, Zander made his way back to Emily's side. Gia distrusted Elizabeth's every move around Nikolas and made life difficult for her. Coming: Helena's secret may be uncovered.

Guiding Light: Beth caught Edmund doing something he couldn't explain away, and Edmund panicked when she got a glimpse of his true colors. Beth was put in Cassie's shoes. Reva learned there had been a tragedy in San Cristobal. Rick proposed a solution to Harley's dilemma. Russo and Claire cut a deal. Ross put Gus in his place. Gus dug deep in order to get to the source. Marah's hopes soared as she planned to make Tony jealous. Coming: Danny fights for his freedom.

One Life to Live: Following his arrest, R.J. tried to make a deal with the police and told Bo he has proof that Will murdered Colin. The police discovered bloodstained boots in Will's loft, but the boots belonged to Sam, leaving Nora conflicted about how to use the evidence. Sam was furious when Nora pointed the finger at Will on the stand. Meanwhile, Jen arrived at the courthouse just in time to make a surprising confession about Colin's passport. Gabrielle let Max believe she still wants him, and he agreed to stay at the mansion. Roseanne asked Senora Lena for a love potion to make Antonio fall in love with her, while Starr also wanted a potion. Coming: Bo gets closer to Melanie.

Passions: Everyone was shocked when Alistair turned up at the Crane mansion, intent on cleaning up Julian's mess. Aware of how much Sheridan still wants his love, Alistair used her need to try to convince her to go to Europe with him. Ivy was crushed to find out that Sam and Grace are back together again. Meanwhile, a mysterious photographer reacted to Grace's picture in a magazine and made his way to Harmony. As Simone slowly recovered, Whitney was hesitant to admit that Simone really had seen Chad and Whitney kissing. Gwen anonymously called the reporter and revealed that Theresa had emailed him the tip about Ethan's paternity. Coming: Luis hopes Sheridan will choose to stay.

Port Charles: Unable to remember what happened to him, Jack was confused when Jamal said that he died! Alison fainted at the sight of Jack, and the burial site appeared to have been disturbed. When the police closed in and shots flew, Lucy examined a bullet and was convinced that it hit something. Joe and Gaby finally made love. However, Joe was taken aback when Gaby then said that she's not leaving Port Charles with him. Hearing Caleb's twisted plan, Michael reminded his brother about the last time Caleb fell in love. Livvie ran into Caleb and was immediately taken with him. Coming: Joe is crushed by Gaby's revelation.

Young and Restless: After Jill and Sean made love, she asked him to keep their relationship private. Sharon insisted to Nick that she's fine and he can take on Victor's projects, but she remained plagued by visions of Matt. Thrilled by Kay's decision to petition for legal guardianship, Mac believed that her mother will no longer be a threat and said she now wants to be in front of the camera. Brittany felt things were going her way when Mac allowed her to participate in the Glow summer campaign. Traci confided to Jack that she couldn't return to New York because her husband is having an affair. Fearing that Paul was wrapping up her case, Isabella said she got a threatening letter from her husband. Coming: Olivia makes things difficult for Alex.