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While thinking about the Mike Peca situation I have come to realize that ex-Buffalo Bill and certain Hall of Famer Bruce Smith was a lot a things (not all good) to a lot of Bills fans and media types, but one thing he wasn't was a player who would turn his back on his teammates and organization over money.

Sure, he got crucified for it but he never missed a regular-season game much less a season over money. What kills me even more is that many of our great Buffalo fans and media are still partial to Mike Peca yet still cry about Bruce's missed training camps. What a joke.

Let's compare careers of these two Buffalo sports figures. Captain Crunch is a solid two-way player and average leader who has never been the same Captain Crunch hitter as he was before he signed his first big contract and got married. We still don't know which made him Mr. Marshmallow, marriage or more money, maybe a little bit of both.

I don't feel as though I need to go over Bruce's career. Just wait for five years and the media will review them for you when he is inducted to Canton. I think it's time we kissed Mr. Peca goodbye. And invite Bruce back for one more day and say we miss you Bruce even for all your crying and missed training camps, because you were always there for us when it counted -- all those regular-season games and the great rides through the playoffs.

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