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As a 30-year resident of the Town of Tonawanda, I am tired of this one-sided, self-serving view of the town by a small group of so-called concerned citizens. Why does The News only interview the same two or three people?

The Ken-Ton Concerned Taxpayers Association and the Kenmore Tonawanda School Employees Association, along with candidates seeking Board of Education positions, all have their own self-serving agendas that each hope will ensure their personal gains.

We are really no different than Amherst, Clarence or Williamsville. Do they have tax pack groups? Yes. Have they ever had a teacher arrested? In this day and age, I would think so. Do they have the same problems the Huntley plant has brought? No. Do they have the first charter school starting this fall? No. Do they get the same amount of publicity? Absolutely not.

With these constant implications of wrongdoings, these groups are driving out young families and keeping away new families. Our image of a below-average school district is just not true. If these people were truly concerned community members, they would encourage families to stay and improve our image by working together cooperatively.

Public education is crucial for a community to survive. We play a critical role in our communities. It is disheartening that, considering the number of eligible voters, less than 8,000 turn out to vote. It's time for other residents and parents to speak up and get involved.

Let's focus on the important issues -- providing the best primary and secondary education possible. We can still be concerned about taxes and spending while working together to accomplish our goals. We can't let a few biased individuals continue to control the future success of this school district.


Town of Tonawanda

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