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Dear Eunice Farmer: I love the wrap-skirt look but would like one with elastic at the waist. Is this possible? These skirts always fit so much better than others. -- Trisha F.

Dear Trisha: I have found a delightful new pattern, Vogue 9013, sizes 6 to 22, with several versions of the wrap skirt. One has a cascading extension that mimics a flared ruffle marching down the side front. Another version is a simple closure, much like a sarong. My favorite is a draped, asymmetrical side closing with an elastic waist. It has all the appearance of a side opening, but it is completely closed. It's a very flattering look, but you must make it out of a soft, drapeable fabric, such as one of the wonderful new rayon prints or solids.

Fashion flash: Better ready-to-wear is featuring extra-large floral prints, so why not use one of these fabrics for a smashing skirt?

Tired of puckering

Dear Eunice Farmer: My pattern has a V-neckline. The pattern illustrates reinforcing the "V" before applying the facing. When I do this, I always end up with a pucker at the point. Help! -- Joy T.

Dear Joy: When reinforcing by stitching down to the point and directly up again, there isn't enough room to clip your fabric clear to the point. Instead, it's important to take one tiny stitch across at the point before you continue to sew up. This enables you to carefully clip clear to the point. Your facing will turn perfectly and avoid any puckering. It works!


Dear Eunice Farmer: I am going to make a jacket that will be entirely underlined with fusible interfacing to give it more shape. Why can't I simply fuse the entire piece of fabric instead of fusing each piece separately? Wouldn't it save time? -- Sandie M.

Dear Sandie: Fusing interfacing is a very tedious project and must be accurate. To fuse a large piece of fabric is almost impossible to do without seriously distorting the grain line of the fabric. It's much easier to control when fusing a small area at a time. (Be sure to trim the fusible interfacing slightly smaller than your fashion fabric in order to prevent it from sticking to your iron. Also, pretest your fabric to be sure you are using the proper heat and moisture for a perfect bonding.)

Sewing tip

I hang a small bulletin board on the door of my sewing-machine cabinet right next to my sewing machine. I tack my current sewing instructions, patterns, scraps of thread, stray pins, and current projects, etc., so they are at my fingertips!

Send your sewing tips to Eunice Farmer, Box 31729, St. Louis, MO 63131.

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