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Anthony Masiello does not deserve to be re-elected mayor of this great city. His track record is awful. He had his chance during the best economic times since the 1950s and did little for this community. But will the voters see it? From the looks of it, we will not have a choice.

Getting a new mayor with foresight, vision, accountability and follow-through should be the top priority on Buffalo Niagara Enterprise's list of things to do.

Just in the past four years, there have been so many projects that could help shape the future of this city for the next generation. What more could this mayor have asked for and delivered to the people with his name on it?

There is the Peace Bridge, the Canal District, the convention center, the reconstruction of Main Street, Children's Hospital and other big-ticket items.

Masiello's lack of leadership has failed us on each outstanding, unresolved issue. What has the mayor initiated in eight years that he needs an additional four years to complete? We can no longer afford this approach.

It's clear that the political machinery, by endorsing Masiello, will continue its backroom dealings. Who benefits from this maneuvering? Certainly not the people of Buffalo. Meanwhile, as these guys protect each other's backs, this city continues to rot and the young continue to leave. Buffalo has lost 36,000 people since 1990. That is twice the capacity of HSBC Arena.

Yes, change is beginning to occur on a number of different levels in spite of the mayor, but the visual effects have yet to take place. The positive things happening are because of the hard work of individual citizens trying to make a difference. We are screaming from the back seat of the car because the driver does not have a clue where he is going.

As a young professional, I question each day whether I can continue to live here and witness the mediocrity that some call progress.



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