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Hopefully, someone can fully explain the tax rebate that President Bush has successfully pushed through Congress. First the rebate to a single taxpayer, as is in my case, was $300. Then I started hearing it would be "up to $300." Now, a June 10 News article is projecting "that 2.5 million state residents won't get any money back from Uncle Sam because they paid no income tax."

Does this mean that anyone who didn't have to pay taxes in 2000 is going to be left out? What about a retired 67-year-old like myself, with only Social Security as income? I paid no taxes in 2000, and if this chart is true, I will get no refund. But what about us recent retirees who contributed to this huge surplus throughout our years and years of working and paying taxes?

This seems to be another case of ignoring the poor and retired elderly. Those retired people fortunate enough to have accumulated taxable investments requiring a tax payment in 2000 will get the refunds. Once again, the rich get richer and the poor are left out in the cold.



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