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For any of you who attended Kiss the Summer Hello or have seen them perform at local bars, you know the kind of response these four guys have been receiving: Rob Bilson, Kevin Ernst, Rob Ferenc and John Rosini make up Seven Day Faith, a band from Niagara Falls.

The fan reaction is amazing. On Memorial Day, swarms of admirers crowded to the booth for a personal autograph when SDF was singing. I saw them perform at Dunn Tire Park, and they were awesome!

Most of the songs they perform are off their successful CD, "Life Says We Think Too Much." Rob B. (lead vocals and acoustic guitar) teamed up with John (also lead and rhythm guitar) to write the lyrics and music. Personal favorites such as "Everything" and "Open Up to Me" offer meaningful lyrics. Others like "It's a Good Thing" and "Push" reveal that punk and alternative influence a bit too much of their songs.

After Seven Day Faith's performance at Dunn Tire Park, my friend and I were led downstairs for a private interview. (As if a private interview with four really good-looking musicians was so horrible!) Here's what they had to say, along with some answers e-mailed later from bass guitarist Kevin Ernst:

Q: How long has Seven Day Faith been together?

Rob F: For four years now.

Q: How did all members meet?

Kevin: Rob Bilson and John Rosini met in junior high school. John and Rob F. live next door to each other. They practiced some years together on and off. They had a show at their high school and needed a bass player. I had ads up in music stores looking for a band. Another band had called me at the same time, Crunchy Frog, and I joined them. I decided to play for these guys to help them out. They were playing covers and I thought it would be cool to fill in. Crunchy Frog was playing all originals at that time. When Crunchy Frog broke up in 1996, I was still in touch with Rob Bilson and rejoined the band.

Q: What was the origin behind the name?

Kevin: We needed a name for the band and we had a show to play in seven days. Rob F. said in practice, "We need a name, there is only seven days until the show." I said, "I have faith, we'll come up with a name." Rob B. then said, "How about Seven Day Faith?" The name stuck so we kept it.

Q: Where do Rob Bilson and John get the inspiration for the lyrics?

Kevin: Inspiration comes from events in life mostly -- things that Rob Bilson sees and experiences.

Q: Describe the type of music you play.

Rob B: It's pop, rock and alternative.

Q: What about your musical influences?

Rob B.: Limp Bizkit

John: Dream Theatre

Rob F.: Dream Theatre as well.

Q: Is Kiss the Summer Hello the biggest performance for you so far? What acts today are you excited about performing with?

Rob B.: This is our biggest performance.

John: I want to see the Go-Gos and actually they're performing right now. I also want to see Dream.

Q: How many hours a week do you practice?

Rob B.: Eight to 10 hours worth of practice a week.

John: Forty-five-minute practices.

Q: From all your publicity in magazines, The Buffalo News, and KISS 98.5, people are becoming very aware of your talent. Where can people purchase your music?

Rob B.: Good question! You can get our CD at Media Play,, and Record Theatre.

Q: What do you think the band will be doing in five years?

Rob B.: Hopefully have a national recording contract.

Q: When SDF becomes so famous that they can play anywhere, where would that dream performance be?

Kevin: I think that a dream show would be an awards show such as the Grammys or the MTV Music Awards.

A: What are some high and low points since the early days of SDF?

Kevin: High points are the shows we do in which we make new fans of people. Kiss the Summer Hello and our appearances in J-14 (magazine) are also high points that mean a lot to us as well. Another high point is how we as a unit have grown together over the past four years. Many bands don't make it past ... the growth period. The only low point was the passing of Mitch Metzler, the engineer who helped us record and mix, "Life Says We Think Too Much." He passed away in December, and that hit the band pretty hard.

Q: What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

Rob B.: For as long as possible, we want to be in the entertainment business.

Q: What is some advice you can give to young musicians hoping to become successful?

Kevin: Some advice to musicians starting out would be don't fake it. If you are into music because you love doing it, then keep doing what you enjoy. Also, take time to grow as a band and as an individual musician. Practice together and on your own. Remember that a band situation is like any other successful relationship, it needs time to grow and mature. Be respectful of each other and each other's talents.

Danielle Rainforth is a sophomore at Holland Central High School.

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