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Bringing you our public service of important souls who did not like the smash hit "The Producers," we now have No. 4.

Broadway producer Chase Mishkin said that the show was "hollow" and its "gross-out humor didn't appeal to me." She finally wrote the powers-that-be a letter of apology for her remarks in a tone that makes one feel that with friends like Chase, one doesn't need enemies. She said, "Please note that I haven't criticized you for raising ticket prices!" Producer Mishkin's own musical, "A Class Act," just closed.

And speaking of "The Producers," as we always are, Mel Brooks says there will be a London production because he believes the British, who suffered from the Nazis, will really appreciate getting to laugh at the man he calls "Adolf Elizabeth Hitler" on the stage.

The great design-for-living guru Martha Stewart has been rich, successful, entrepreneurial and omnipresent in our lives for so long that we may have forgotten that she has ever had a bad moment. But now Martha is going to tell us all about it in her long-awaited, one-and-only autobiography.

However, she said to me: "Really and truly, it's about my best moments. People are always asking me 'How did you do it,' and I am hoping to tell them in this book." Clarkson Potter just signed on the dotted line with Martha in a deal where there was no pesky agent to get in anybody's hair. The working title is simply "Martha: Really and Truly." The lady herself says she decided to forge ahead because "I've been collecting material for years. I have kept diaries, and I have lots of photos. So it's just time!"

Nobody wants to say how much money is involved. The pub date is 2003 when Martha will be a mere 62 years young. The editor will be Lauren Shakely, the CP editorial director.

Martha has been working with Clarkson Potter since 1982 when she did her first book, "Entertaining," now in its 30th edition with half a million copies in print. She has written many cooking, wedding and lifestyle books and has her own magazine, her own Kmart line and her own TV show. She is the world's most famous homemaker, but this will be the first time Martha has delved deeply into Martha. And how she did it all.

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