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Evidently, Democratic Chairman Steve Pigeon hasn't been living in Erie County for the past two years. I'm basing this assumption on the absurd comments he made in a June 3 News article.

Pigeon claimed Joel Giambra is "not going to be successful . . . because he has no agenda" and "it's all about politics and partisanship." I beg to differ.

I have heard Giambra speak many times. Every speech contained the common themes of regionalism, lower taxation and improved county services. Thus, his agenda is perfectly clear: to make Erie County a place where it is profitable and beneficial to live and work; a place where our children will want to stay.

But his agenda is not mere rhetoric. In the first year of his term, Giambra has cut county taxes by 34 percent, reformed Erie County's welfare system and implemented measures to end teen smoking.

Furthermore, he has met with many local leaders to discuss future prospects of countywide consolidation of government services.

To say that Giambra is overly partisan is ludicrous. Has Pigeon forgotten that Giambra was once a Democrat? Even now, as a Republican, he works closely with many Democrats, such as County Legislators Greg Olma and Al DeBenedetti and Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello.

Giambra is striving to create a coalition government of Republicans and Democrats who share his revolutionary spirit for reform in Western New York.

Giambra is one of the most visionary and charismatic county leaders in recent memory. His agenda is clear and the need for its implementation is immediate.

For Pigeon to say otherwise is an affront to the intelligence of all Western New Yorkers dedicated to progress.



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