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The first part of a study to help plan land use and assist with zoning decisions is scheduled to begin this month.

Town businesses and residents are invited to attend the first of two workshop sessions at 7 p.m. June 27 in Town Hall, where town officials will meet with representatives of Wendel-Duchscherer Architects and Engineers.

The information-gathering session will be used to map out the town's development goals for commercial, industrial and residential growth.

"We're going to combine a couple of things," said Supervisor Timothy E. Demler. "We want to monitor commercial and residential growth while maintaining sufficient green space to keep the rural atmosphere of our town."

The Town Board authorized Wendel-Duchscherer as consultants to complete the study at an estimated cost of about $5,000, he said.

Based on the input received at these meetings, the consultants would compile a list of desires, wishes and concerns on which to define the town's goals and objectives of development.

"I believe 99 percent of the residents are concerned," Demler said. "They want to ensure we keep the aesthetics and the green space."

The original 1959 master plan was updated in 1980, in 1990, and most recently in 2000 following two public hearings.

Each parcel of land with the potential of being rezoned according to the plan now must meet developmental goals and be consistent with community input, it was noted.

The information would help guide other directives such as the overlay districts on Williams Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard, green space, and recreation and drainage plans, Demler said.

The Zoning and Planning Board, led by Chairman Richard W. Muscatello, would consider surrounding communities to help balance industrial, commercial and residential development here.

Comparisons would be made with adjacent communities to gauge land use, zoning and general economic activity to ensure Wheatfield's plans would be complemented.

Potential industrial and commercial developers would use the plan to formulate their own goals and decide whether the town would be their best location, it was noted. Both the plan and the map could be used as tools by the town's economic-development committee and the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency, according to officials.

As seating for the session is limited, those interested in attending are asked to call Muscatello at 731-3738.

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