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How totally unsurprised I am to see that the football-biased media is disturbed about the support the Buffalo Sabres may receive.

They think nothing of praising the Bills, while accusing the Sabres of exploiting their position of ownership. They think nothing of the revenue and opportunities that Adelphia brings to the area, where in contrast taxes go up to support the Bills whenever the team threatens to leave.

The News is a fine example of this bias. Front-page items are practically dedicated to football. The Sabres receive bottom-corner coverage, or perhaps page six.

Look at the last page of the sports section. Every year, The News features full-page color photos of the Bills, regardless of how poorly the team does. When the Sabres made it to the Stanley Cup finals, they were finally honored with "The Cup Collection '99," but there hasn't been a single hockey poster since.

Just because hockey players aren't making daily headlines for murder, rape and drugs -- as are their football counterparts -- does this make them nonnewsworthy? Are the charitable works of Rob Ray, Dominik Hasek and other players not commendable?

Are stories of the struggles that foreign players face adjusting to life in the United States not interesting? It seems the only time the Sabres get any real coverage is when there's controversy regarding Michael Peca's contract.

I'm thankful for Adelphia and its commitments to our underappreciated hockey team and our decrepit city. And if there happens to be a little pandering involved, a bit of a conflict of interest, so be it.

I'm happy I can watch every Sabres game, whether I can afford to go or not. We don't see Adelphia blocking us out for lack of a sellout, do we?


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