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Swedish Web surfer removes student names, id numbers

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) -- A Web surfer in Sweden got into an unprotected Indiana University computer, removing more than 3,000 student names and identification numbers while leaving behind a cache of music files. University officials believe the student data was taken by accident because the person was looking for computer space to store the MP3 files.

"It's a common trait for students to look for storage space on the Web," said Perry Metz, associate vice president of the Bloomington campus.

The university server was unprotected Feb. 6 because the system had crashed and the person who normally fixes it was out sick, Metz said. The computer used to access the university's server was traced to a university in Sweden.

There was no indication that any of the information had been used improperly, Metz said.

New Kennedy Center head wants to add two buildings

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Michael Kaiser, the new head of the Kennedy Center, wants to build two additional buildings, one of them for a performing arts museum and the other to give more space to the Washington Opera.

The additional structures would form a U-shaped complex, with the current building at the bottom and the two arms stretching east toward the White House, the National Mall and the Capitol.

The Kennedy Center board and Congress would have to approve the expansion, spokeswoman Tiki Davies said. Money for the project would have to be raised privately, and Davies said she did not have an estimate of the cost.

Kaiser took over as president of the center Feb. 1.

A memorial to President John F. Kennedy, the columned white building is home to the opera and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Zoo audit says workers used tax dollars for lunches, gifts

CINCINNATI (AP) -- An audit of the Cincinnati Zoo found employees using taxpayer money to pay for lunches at Hooters and Wendy's, gifts for visiting dignitaries and an international trip.

The zoo reimbursed taxpayers more than $13,000 after Hamilton County auditors examined eight months of records during 1999 and 2000 and billed the zoo for discrepancies.

The county plans a monthly audit of zoo expenses.

A countywide zoo tax, approved by voters in 1998, generates about $6 million a year to be spent on animal health, horticulture and zoo maintenance.

The audit found more than $785 was spent at restaurants such as Hooters and Wendy's, as well as for gifts.

About $3,450 was spent on four undocumented trips. The zoo said a New York trip was for training; a Houston trip was for manatee care; a Malaysia trip studied rhinos; and another was for a conference in Orlando, Fla.

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