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Niagara Fall High student charged with assault

NIAGARA FALLS -- A Niagara Falls High School student was charged with third-degree assault Monday for repeatedly punching a fellow 10th-grader, police said.

The incident carried over from an earlier incident outside the school, police said. The victim was not seriously injured.

Darne L. Hamilton, 16, will answer the charge in City Court. Police said the incident stemmed from an earlier altercation that left several other students on indefinite suspension from the school.

Falls pupil tells police van followed her to school

NIAGARA FALLS -- An 11-year-old middle school pupil told police she ran into a store Monday morning after a van had followed her on her way to school.

The girl told police the male driver of the van stared at her while she crossed several blocks, driving slowly alongside her. He eventually turned away when the girl fled into a nearby store and phoned police.

An investigation is continuing.

TV set, VCR stolen in burglary of home

NIAGARA FALLS -- A television set and videocassette recorder were taken from a LaSalle Avenue home in an overnight burglary, police said Monday.

Cheryl Mort said that someone broke into her home through a window and rifled through every room, causing an undetermined amount of damage. The break-in occurred between 8 a.m. Sunday and 11 a.m. Monday, police said.

Falls resident says two women beat her

NIAGARA FALLS -- A Fourth Street woman suffered multiple injuries Monday afternoon when she was beaten by two other women inside her apartment building, police said.

Stacey Jordan told police the two women choked, punched and kicked her repeatedly, causing various injuries to her body. No motive for the assault was given.

Man faces several charges in crash of stolen car

NIAGARA FALLS -- Various charges were lodged against a Cayuga Drive man Sunday evening after he crashed a stolen car into a parked vehicle on Whitney Avenue, police said.

Chad M. Paron, 35, told police he was looking down to change the station on the car radio when he struck the parked car just before 7 p.m. He fled the scene but was captured a short time later.

Paron faces charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, aggravated unlicensed operation, leaving the scene of an accident, unlawful possession of marijuana and two traffic counts.

He was also being held for questioning by Lewiston police. No further details were available in connection with that development.

Four luxury cars damaged in theft attempts

NIAGARA FALLS -- Thieves with a penchant for luxury cars struck on four occasions early Monday, damaging three vehicles in unsuccessful attempts to steal them.

Police said that three cars parked in the Center City section were targeted, and two were extensively damaged when their ignitions were smashed. The dashboards were damaged on all three, and compact disc stereo units were removed from two, police said.

Meanwhile, a Town of Niagara resident said his car broken into while it was parked in the 1300 block of Ashland Avenue. Again, heavy damage was done in an attempt to steal the car, but the only items taken were a stereo unit and some CDs.

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