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I would like to bring up some points omitted in a recent letter, which stated that the worst pardon of all time was that of Richard Nixon. President Ford pardoned Nixon to facilitate the healing process in our country after months of scandal, and he only pardoned him from serving prison time, which would have been a national disgrace.

Nixon had already paid a high price. After being impeached and shamed, he had the good conscience to resign. Bill Clinton was impeached, yet he thumbed his nose at the American people and continued making problems.

As for Marc Rich, besides evading taxes and fleeing prosecution, he is accused of making arms deals with our enemies. He has lived in luxury abroad with no apparent conscience. Political spying and trying to cover it up does not even come close to getting rich making arms deals with our country's enemies. This used to be called treason, but since Rich was never tried and now never will be, we can't accuse him or demand retribution for any of those things. I remain outraged.


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