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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending February 16.


Crittenden Rd., Gary Pfender to Richard Greene, Nancy Greene, $20,000.


5386 Sheridan Dr., Linda Atti to David Parker, Evelyn Parker, $224,900.

42 Breezewood Common, Richard Ruskin, Beverly Ruskin to Aron Tauber, Nina Tauber, $130,000.

114 Country Pkwy., Robert McNamara to Melanie Winkler, $73,000.

477 Third Ave., Rockpock LLC to Matthew Walter, $81,900.

113 Glenhaven Dr., James Peterson, Gayle Peterson to (The) Bank of New York Series, 1996-053196, $80,000.

375 Bernhardt Drive, Mabel Munschauer to Carlo Tonelli, Roseanne Tonelli, $74,900.

121 Colony, Robert Cleary, Patricia Cleary to Michael Feeley, Marie Feeley, $162,000.

150 Shadowwood Dr., James Scott, Doreen Scott to Brian Peinkofer, $175,000.

88 Sunshine Dr., Johnny McDowell, Mary McDowell to Michael Mercurio, Vera Mercurio, $114,000.

75 Tennyson Terr, Michael Riordan, Judith Riordan to Alexandre Kichigin, Irina Kichigin, $88,000.

178 W Klein Rd., Herbert Pinkert, Lynne Pinkert to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $71,493.

60 Beresford Ct., Brompton Park LLC to Charles Jenrette, Marilyn Jenrette, $432,850.

105 Patton Pl., Paulette Dahl, Paulette Silverstri to Michael Barthold, Marcy Monaco, $136,500.

3530 Millersport Highway, Peter Costa, Charles Costa to Donald Robinson, Judith Robinson, $7,500.

199 Exeter Rd., William Pearce to Brian Kenney, Maureen Kenney, $157,000.

960K Hopkins Rd., Gary Moose to Ricardo Alberico, $92,000.

209 Belvoir Rd., Damian Courtin, Damian Courtin to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $111,589.

35 Walton Dr., Jon Williams, Heather Williams to Edward Schwartz, Sharon Fine, $230,000.

60 Miller Rd., Josephine Riso, Margaret Riso to Summit Village LLC, $17,500.

3 Chicory Lane, Wendy Amuso to Stewart Watson, Irene Watson, $180,000.

410 Sherbrooke, Victor Verney, Katherine Verney to Cheri Harper, $108,000.

343 S Ellicott Creek Rd., Richard Sullivan to Daniel Brazeau, Gayle Brazeau, $17,500.

55 Country Pkwy., Christopher Santora to Douglas Weaver, $120,000.

107 Donna Lea, Herman Kelch, Edith Kelch to Marcus Steck, $90,300.

32 Beech Rd., David Crist to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $60,494.

63 Forrester Ct., SBLC Development Corp. to Thomas Praechtl, $55,000.

297 San Fernando Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to David Grosso, Carol Grosso, $236,092.

Vl 4810 Main St., Willard Genrich to Joseph Sapienza, $47,000.

2930 Sweet Home Rd., Ocwen Federal Bank FSB to Jill Partsch, $110,000.

601 Charlesgate Cir, Scott Fintzy to Deborah Finegan, $61,000.

88 Mt. Vernon, Myra Leed, Myra Leed to Jonathan O'Rourke, Colleen O'Rourke, $147,000.

132 D Harrogate Sq., Estelle Lippman to John Healy, Kathleen Healy, $60,000.


227 Main St., Unit #3, Christopher Bamberg, Leanne Bamberg to Derrick Field, Stacey Crouse, $114,000.

500 Davis Rd., Capretto Enterprises Inc. to Michael Vargo, Andrea Vargo, $190,300.

546 Girard Ave., Germaine Murray to Sherto Associates Inc., $85,000.

1762 Blakeley Corners Rd., IMC Mortgage Co. to Joseph Kenefick, Barbara Kenefick, $97,000.

1762 Blakely Rd., Scott Thompson, Michelle Thompson to IMC Mortgage Co., $111,073.

140 Olean St., Renee Harrington, Renee Kern to Albert Petermann, Christina Petermann, $72,500.


Hillcroft Rd., Boston Hill LLC to James Kleinsmith, Susan Kleinsmith, $65,000.


1990 Brant Rd., Paul Lawton to Edward Stappenbeck, Katherine Stappenbeck, $45,000.


87 Keystone Ave., HUD to Tamaris Lott, $11,625.

115 Greeley St., Michael Reed, Michele Reed to Orlando Perez, $16,028.

1773 Broadway, Robert Koerntgen to Guy Dubuque, $60,000.

1202 West Avenue, Ann Visiko to HUD, $37,492.

938 Humboldt Pkwy., Glenn Dubois, Lurie Dubois to Carl Dubois, Toni Dubois, $20,000.

262 Tuscarora, Robert Hennessy, Robert Hennessey to Julie Flederbach, Valerie Flederbach, $84,000.

643 Fulton St., David Mann, Maureen Mann to Tracey Ernest, $26,000.

88 Custer St., Ronald Tietz, Gail Tietz to Mark Montes, Tina Montes, $25,000.

28 Lewis St., Helen Mikler, Edward Mikler to Rosemary Bouchard, $26,000.

293 Cable St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Crop. to Stanislaw Swacha, $26,000.

139 Fordham Dr., John Case, Patricia Case to (The) Associates Home Equity Services Associates, $91,306.

309 North St., U16, Michael Mikos to Joseph McClellan, $46,000.

349 Dewitt St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Selom Adjogah, $6,100.

520 Stockbridge Ave., Citibank (New York State) to Aparte Equity, $10,500.

1913 Bailey Ave., Ivy Asare to Fleet Mortgage Corp, $11,103.

266 Rother St., Anna Powers, Anna Nichols to HUD, $19,742.

238 S Rhode Island, Jose Martinez to HUD, $23,373.

34 Dart Street, Joseph Morin to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $37,837.

185 Lasalle Avenue, Kenneth Rowekamp to Earl Hollingsworth, $62,000.

101 Poultney Place, Louvernia Turner to Equicredit Corp. of America, $35,007.

18 Hartman, Debora Geis to Marc Fayson, Lisa Fayson, $41,900.

433 Hewitt Ave., Versatile Enterprises Inc. to Elnora Goggins, $37,825.

139 Fordham Rd., (The) Associates Home Equity Services Associates to NY Liberty Homes LLC, $44,000.

55 Thielman Dr., City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency to Erie County Industrial Development Agency, $15,000.

220 Lasalle Ave., Albert Young to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., $81,220.

1072 West, James Poorman, Patricia Poorman to Donald Head, $17,700.

1326 West Ave., Mid-Ohio Securities Corp. to Guy Dubuque, $26,000.

242 & 248 Hopkins, 242 Hopkins Inc. to Lafarge Corp., $400,000.

19 Shoreham Pkwy., HUD to Stephanie Rabatoy, $50,200.

136 Como Ave., Joseph Indelicato, Melissa Indelicato to Mark Brown, Heather Brown, $47,500.

51 Danforth, Kenneth Gram to Tina Cortez, $8,218.

995 Tonawanda St., Donald Barber to Randy Barber, $18,000.

58 Linden Ave., Anne Helfter to David Hassett, Alicia Campbell, $103,750.

116 Central Ave., Douglas Curtis, Robin Curtis to Frank Lipczynski, $34,000.

604-608 Niagara St., Bryan Smith to Alliance Mortgage Co., $121,821.

85 Connelly Pl., Thomas Mellan, Roslyn Mellan to Sandra Woodward, $35,000.

130 Shepard, City of Buffalo to Eldora Austin, $5,500.

42 Foundry, City of Buffalo to Robert Clark, $6,000.

33 Sattler Ave., Frank Perkowski to Kevin Haenel, $7,150.

338 Cornwall, Betty Rhodes to NA Bankers Trust Co. of California, UCFC Loan Trust 1995-D1, $74,000.

445 West Ferry St., Thomas Koeppel to Buffalo Home Equity Living Plans Inc., $22,237.

364, 366 & 376 Ontario St., Amigone Ventures LP to Brian Aquilina, $50,000.

568 Howard St., Roy Kowalski, Roy Kowalski to Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp., $54,459.

118 Urban St., City of Buffalo to Lisa Ali, $5,500.

1242, 1246 & 1270 Niagara St., Ohanter Resources Inc. (A Texas Corp.) to Todays Development Inc., $250,000.

50 Crossman Avenue, HUD to Hope Wilson, $11,950.

529 Franklin, City of Buffalo to Great Arrow Inc. D175, $20,000.

505 Bailey Ave., Zappia Development Co. Inc, Zappia Development Co. Inc. to Clinton Bailey Management LLC, $240,000.

339 Norfolk, 339 Norfolk Trust to Maggie Beeks, $59,900.

96 Cottage, Vincent Demme, Anna Persico to Darren Derose, $47,000.

116 Crystal Ave., Patrick Lonergan, John Lonergan to Kenneth Zabawa, $52,000.

959 Fillmore Ave., Elaine Przewozny to Sibley Mortgage Corp., $11,001.

26 Philadelphia St., Ruth Arseneau, Mathew Arseneau to John Zakowski, $45,000.

293 West Ave., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Gricela Gonzalez, $19,900.

53 Eller Ave., William Szczerba to Associates Home Equity Services Inc., $61,155.

59 Wheelock, Robert Manka, Michael Manka to Tracy Cieszynski, $49,000.

84 East Depew, Barbara Saxon to Norwest Mortgage Inc., $139,227.

136 Sobieski St., Francine Battaglia to Zulkharnain, $7,500.

211 Linwood Ave., Romeo Campagnolo, Patricia Campagnolo to Margaret Minuto, $95,000.

109 Grant St., Michael McCarthy, Thomas McCarthy to Fadel Munear, $17,500.

2003 Broadway, Thomas Bialy to Miguel Mercado, Dawn Cook, $34,000.

23 Rey St., Robert McMillan to. Buffalo Neighborhood Revitalization Corp, $12,000.

242 Hickory, David Sanders, Beatrice Sanders to Buffalo Neighborhood Revitalization Corp., $33,000.

391 Wyoming Ave., Margaret Bryant to Lisa Rhodes, $25,000.

172 Linwood Ave., James Limacher to Barry Cohen, $123,110.

440 Prospect, Duane Krakowiak to Dennis Stoiber, $93,310.

125 Edward St., #3D, Salvatore Zambito to Tracy Diina, $51,500.

119 William Price, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Kittrell Whitlock, Bonita Whitlock, $269,805.

70 Highland Ave., Beverly Peluso to Joseph Falsone, $150,000.

77 Princeton Pl., Affordable City Homes Inc. to George Misiak, John Schmidt, $20,000.

39 Phyllis, Centre Development Enterprises Inc. to James Humphrey, $48,500.

92 Minnesota Ave., Raymond Attia to Mary Chan, $38,500.

518 Massachusetts St., Federal Home Loan Mortgage Linda Dijoseph, $21,000.

198 Elk St., Louise Toth, Louise Bilowus to Doris Bentler, $24,020.

84 Sanford St., Joseph Reickerd, Betty Reickerd to Vincent Scerra, $6,500.


48 Beverly Dr., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lorenz Stifter, Caroline Stifter, $56,001.

90 Cathedral Lane, Eric Walters, Sharon Walters to Brad Schwertfeger, Cindy Schwertfeger, $83,000.

41 Peachrow Lane, Mark Harber to US National Association Bank, Home Equity Loan Trust 1998-1 050198, $51,058.

20 Pinewood Terr, Edward Nagowski to James Jackson, Alenda Jackson, $85,000.

233 Diane Dr., Michael McDonough to Timothy Kelly, Shirley Kelly, $84,000.

78 Celina St., Robert Gamble, Joann Gamble to Household Finance Realty Corp. of NY, $36,391.

2310 William St., George Poole, Henry Bartnik to Martin Bartnik, Christopher Bartnik, $180,000.

376 Pine Ridge Rd., Florence Stellrecht to David Swain, Jerry Swain, $50,000.

90 Laurentian Dr., Thaddeus Cych, Rita Cych to Christine Cych, $70,000.

55 Celina St., Phyllis Brozyna to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $49,840.

3649 Harlem Rd., Daya Balu Living Trust 052692 to Lakshmanan Rajendran, $115,000.

193 Orchard Pl., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Mark Overhoff, Alan Overhoff, $19,000.

5952 Transit Rd., Joseph McClellan to Deborah Hall, $130,000.

45 Girard Ave., Francis Jasinski, Audrey Jasinski to Lawrence Campbell, Nancy Campbell, $132,000.

71 W. Rouen Dr., Nancy Campbell, Nancy Powers to Guy Vohwinkel, Sandra Vohwinkel, $81,000.

114 Ivanhoe, Barbara Lotterer, Barbara Heigl to Brenda Carr, $41,000.

Dale & Anderson Rds, CH Heist Corp. to Onyx Industrial Services Inc., $1,032,979.

206 Woodridge Ave., Robert Hartman to John Hartman, $26,000.


4710 Sawmill Rd., Shawn Barkley, Michelle Barkley to Gary Manning, $126,000.

5779 Mill Stone Ct., Highland-Kieffer Farms Inc. to NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York, $42,500.

9975 Martin Rd., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Mark Macvittie, Sharon Macvittie, $290,500.

4980 Glenwood Dr., Grant Keene, Tammy Keene to Anthony Polito, Theresa Polito, $141,000.

9620 Greiner Rd., Donald Gabrys, Lisa Gabrys to John Griswold, Amelia Griswold, $460,000.

8481 Sheridan Dr., Richard Arts to Ronald Kimmel, $130,000.

6015 Newhouse Rd., Kenneth Leman, Betty Leman to WNY Mennonite Retirement Community Inc., $400,000.

6254 Balsam Fir Ct., Daniel Palumbo Homes Inc. to Robert Bijak, $245,000.

6254 Balsam Fir Ct., Cimato & Sons to Daniel Palumbo Homes, $48,000.

8129 Main St., Jim Culligan Inc., Jim Culligan Pontiac Inc. to Autoplace Inc., $60,000.

Vacant Land, Spaulding Lake Properties Ltd. to Mark Baehre, $124,900.


Vl State Rd., Joseph Todaro, Patricia Todaro to Charles Backus, $10,000.


2275 Gowanda Zoar Rd., Sally Hintz, Sally Wheel to Douglas Stelley, Janmarie Stelley, $47,000.

S. Quaker Rd., Barbara Rice, Frank Rice to Bryan Brawdy, Kimberley Brawdy, $5,500.

2597 Gowanda Zoar Rd., Chester Grudzien, Shirley Grudzien to Lawrence Regan, $89,000.


12948 Buffalo Rd., Leonard Kieffer, Ann Kieffer to Jon Baker, Lori Baker, $250,000.


Carriage Crossing, Schreiber & Winkelman Inc. to Howard Burkett, Ann Burkett, $69,500.

2795 Second St., Robert Bolton, Adeline Bolton to Teresa Blasz, $78,500.

2742 Green St., Peggy Gard-Heald to Vincent Cumming, $67,500.


150 Oaknoll Ct., Arleen Hertlein, Arleen Powers to Chester Dunlap, Kathleen Dunlap, $184,000.

1951 Bowen Rd., Chester Wyzykiewicz, Tessie Wyzykiewicz to Michele Fisher, $168,000.


661 Herr Rd., William Perry to Brian Rinn, Kimberly Rinn, $68,900.

Erie Rd., & Stellane Dr., Julia Lerczak to Anthony Szal, $20,000.

7514 Derby Rd., James Villa, Marguerite Villa to William Perry, Jacqueline Perry, $120,000.


178 White Tail Run, Loletta Addison to Donald Culbert, Rosemary Culbert, $181,101.

5050 East River Rd., Michele Catalano-Andross, Michele Catalano to Michael Vaccaro, $190,000.

V/L West River Rd., Paul Glassman, Christa Glassman to Eric Glassman, $17,000.

54 Forest Creek Court, Robert Weaver to Douglas Fiegel, Barbara Fiegel, $42,000.


Vl Janice St., Clarence Blackwell, Mary Blackwell to Joseph Lafferty, Elizabeth Lafferty, $25,000.

3681 Fourth St., Isabel Leibold to Vincent Pupo, $67,000.

3720 White, Henry Winsick to Robert Piwowar, Michelle Piwowar, $85,000.

North Creek Rd., Alfred Wozniak, Charlotte Wozniak to Town of Hamburg, $9,000.

5970 Dover Rd., Christopher Eno, Natalie Eno to Charles Marzec, Paula Marzec, $64,000.

55 Therin Dr., Christopher Garneret, Margaret Garneret to Stephen Cicero, Julie Cicero, $149,000.

23 Lake St., Roger Duffett, Susan Duffett to Vincent Paszek, Charles Paszek, $212,097.

3488 Parkwood Common, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Robert Schlieper, Marian Schlieper, $294,901.

24 Haviland Pl., Richard Park to GE Capital Mortgage Services Inc., $75,000.

Vl Orchard Ave., Ann Cavanaugh to Sandra Eagan, $6,000.


9335 S Protection Road, Dale Matthies, Kerri Matthies to Joyce Haas, $52,500.

9495 S Protection Rd., Michael Terpin to Dawn Lopez, $60,770.


263 Warner Rd., Andrew Wielkiewicz, Aliene Wielkiewicz to David Shevlin, Charlene Shevlin, $123,000.

45 Sussex Lane, Windsor Ridge Partners LLC to Tucker Homes Inc., $37,800.

13 Westbury Lane, Robert Lyons, Maura Lyons to James Marshall, Karen Kumar, $168,900.

5084 William St., Eddy & Lewin Homes Inc. to Kathleen Cooper, $120,835.

43 Woodlawn Ave., Chester Dunlap, Kathleen Dunlap to Jay Stellrecht, Michelle Stanek, $101,000.

12 Cobblestone Ct., Donato Homes Inc. to Robert Schlager, Karen Brombos, $144,050.

48 Creekwood Dr., Ryan Homes of New York to Karen Sam, $215,255.


65 Myrtle Ave., Lynn Cieslica to Ocwen Federal Bank FSB, $42,925.


Vl Porterville Rd., Daniel Handy to Leonard Janiga, Mabel Janiga, $105,000.


12090 Gowanda State Rd., William Flagg, Rosalie Flagg to Scott Corbin, Patricia Corbin, $79,000.


12219 Nice Rd., Joseph Takacs to James Gill, $65,000.

Lot 9 Stoneridge Lane, Dennis Bernhardt, Sandra Bernhardt to Scott Buckley, Patricia Buckley, $35,000.

13923 Knapp Rd., Nelson Miles, Nelson Miles to Benjamin Miles, $130,600.

6638 Draper Rd., Jeffrey Konopka, Cheryl Konopka to Claire Jones, Cord Jones, $58,000.

Vacant Land, Steven Kowalczyk to Michael Kowalczyk, $10,000.


10 Knob Hill, Jeffrey Rogers, Kathryn Rogers to Brian Cox, Jodilyn Cox, $316,900.

10 Brompton Court, Mark Barnhart, Candace Barnhart to Connell Stewart, Michelle Stewart, $330,000.

7780 Michael Rd., West Seneca Rotary Foundation Inc. to Herbert Stenzel, Mary Stenzel, $120,000.

7834 Michael Rd., Herbert Stenzel, Mary Stenzel to West Seneca Rotary Foundation Inc., $180,000.

5245 Murphy Rd., (The) Sisters of Mercy of The Americas to District Orchard Park Central School, $1,200,000.

42 Green Lake Drive, Gilbert Schmelzinger, Gilbert Schmelzinger to William Even, Nadine Even, $156,000.

3265 Orchard Park Rd., Orchard Park Flying Service Inc. to Blend-All Hotel Development Inc., Benderson Development Co. Inc., $450,000.

184 Stepping Stone Lane, Elizabeth Schmidlin to Joanne Murray, $89,000.


11100 Pratham Road, Michael Krohn, Kimberly Krohn to Clayton Moden, Michelle Moden, $96,000.

Var, Unknown, Auburn Aggregates Inc. to Lafarge Corporation, $400,000.

Var, Unknown, Pine Hill Materials Corp., to Lafarge Corporation, $2,800,000.


57 Douglas St., Linda Heaps, Linda Slattery to Michael West, Karen West, $62,500.

40 Bellinger Dr., Christine Nelson to David Ashe, Rose Ashe, $65,000.

275 Kohler St., Mary Bush, Mable Bush to Laura Terranova, $52,000.

275 Franklin St., Frances Carney, Mary Hurley to Danielle Reiss, $18,000.

11 Grove St., Lawrence Benzino, Carol Benzino to Richard Brodfuehrer, Jacqueline Brodfuehrer, $57,500.


19 Maplegrove Avenue, John Testa, Joseph Nocera to Paul Carey, Virginia Carey, $81,000.

360 Greenhaven Terr, Diane Hein to Cornelia Sfintescu, $255,000.

751 Montrose Ave., Timothy Kightlinger, Laura Kightlinger to Warren Wadman, Sandra Wadman, $60,000.

442 Woodland Dr., Diane Fournia to Kevin Renner, Tammie Bimber, $102,000.

38 Tillotson Pl., Michael Mercurio, Vera Mercurio to David Forsyth, Karen Wood, $62,000.

45 Byron Ave., Sarah Singer to James Crump, $71,000.

347 Westgate Rd., William Even, Nadine Even to Joseph Webb, Teresa Webb, $83,000.

181 Millwood Dr., John Harvilla, Teresa Harvilla to Michael Hughes, $119,000.

4-6 Shelley Ct., Phillip Mervine, Barbara Mervine to Marvin Champlin, Lorraine Champlin, $17,000.

422 Tremont Ave., Dorothy Rogozinski to Louis Bordas, $35,000.

419 Englewood Ave., Jennie Scovazzo, Jenny Scovazzo to James Duckworth, $61,000.

1089 Parker Blvd., Catherine Krawczyk, Christine Stroh to Janet Pyszczynski, $42,000.

308 Woodgate Rd., Gary Krasinski, Constance Krasinski to Robert Murphy, Patricia Murphy, $84,500.

120 Tremont St., Household Finance Realty Corp. of NY to Elaine Anastasia, $38,000.

39 Somerton Ave., Marjorie Baker to Paul Bullard, Kathleen Winter, $60,000.

245 Washington Avenue, Norwest Bank of Minnesota NA to Salvatore Campobello, Patricia Campobello, $36,000.

547 University Ave., Chester Grosofsky to Town of $15,000.

45 Lorna Lane, Mark Perla, Marilyn Perla to David Clark, Dawn Clark, $190,000.

88 Westwood Dr., James Ruhland to Ann Liuzzo, $12,500.


27 Sky Hi Dr., Raymond Nowak, Raymond Nowak to Raymond Nowak, $65,534.

110 Columbia Parkway, Patricia Patten to Frank Di Giacomo, Lu Di Giacomo, $73,500.

262 Wibbledon Ct., Diane Hostler to Raymond Tobolski, $64,000.

208 Norwood, Carolyn Delacy to Peter Sergi, Molly Sergi, $94,100.

429 Reserve Rd., Don Mitchell, Ann Mitchell to John Gullo, $30,000.

84 Princess Lane, Joseph Gullo, Amy Gullo to HSBC Mortgage Corp. (USA), $101,598.

10 Rebecca Way, Fischione Construction Co. Inc. to Thomas Martinez, Elaine Prentiss, $176,000.

96 Cherokee Dr., Joseph Galster, Kim Galster to Debra Surowiec, $96,000.

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