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It is time for more balanced reporting. The News might learn something from Fox News, whose motto is: We Report. You Decide. We, the citizens, are supposed to forgive all of the liberal and conservative failings and move on. Right? There is no sense living in the past, right? Well, this insanity of reparation for past sins of slavery is just that, insane. Was slavery wrong? Yes? Did it end? Yes. Is there still unfairness in this world? Yes.

Do we just make a long list of past sins and then develop a bill for reparations? No. This kind of action only widens a schism that conservative compassion wants to narrow. The media should cover stories like this.

My husband died 17 years ago while fishing. He was on the breakwater by the Niagara River. He chose to go there, fell in the river and died. What should I have done? Should I have sued the city because he chose to go there? Should I have sued the people who put the huge rocks in place years ago? That makes about as much sense as reparation for slavery.


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