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All My Children: Jake discovered that Gillian had an ectopic pregnancy, which required immediate surgery. Grieving for the loss of the baby, Gillian later said yes when Ryan asked her to remarry him. Meanwhile, Hayley learned that she is pregnant. Leslie stole chloroform from the hospital and used it to kidnap Junior. Dixie had a narrow escape trying to retrieve Junior before she was rescued by David. When Leslie fell over the railing, David thought she was dead and told Derek that she had confessed her responsibility for the yacht party, but he was horrified to see Leslie being brought into the hospital. Dimitri and Edmund traced the call that Alex made to Wildwind. Coming: David gets a shocking invitation.

As the World Turns: Molly and Jake reached the end of their long journey. Julia's visit with her doctor worried Jack, making her the focus of attention. Hal and Barbara realized that their breach was too deep to repair. Challenged by Simon, the moment of truth arrived for Katie. A standoff over Parker took place. Emma took in several new roommates. Bryant was intrigued by an invitation, one that he should have refused. Coming: Hal persists in going after Craig.

Bold and Beautiful: Morgan's nanny eavesdropped as Stephanie ordered Morgan to stay away from Ridge and his family. Morgan then fired Norita, who had become increasingly suspicious, and threatened the woman's family to make sure she stays quiet. Advised by her therapist to take some time for herself, Taylor felt she had to leave for a while, and said goodbye to a shattered Ridge. Taylor then confronted Morgan, warning her not to use Taylor's absence as an excuse to pursue Ridge. Taylor couldn't believe her ears when she heard someone call out for her, and claimed to Morgan that she had heard Steffy's voice. Coming: Deacon intrigues Bridget.

Days of Our Lives: Distraught over Victor's death, Phillip expressed to Chloe how much he needs her, and Chloe admitted that she may be falling in love with him. Greta, deeply in love with Austin, privately vowed not to let Sami manipulate him. Panicked over the police drawing of the body that looks like Marlo, Lexie tried to convince Abe that an investigation could jeopardize their family. During another argument with Brady, Marlena slapped him, giving him more ammunition. John became furious when Brady told him what had happened, and lashed out at Marlena, until he was seized by a violent coughing fit that brought up blood. Coming: Abe is stunned by Lexie's rash behavior.

General Hospital: With Carly refusing to give up on their love, she and Sonny finally reaffirmed their wedding vows in Martinique. Lucky urged Liz not to have contact with Jason for the sake of their relationship, but as Liz was trying to let go of Jason, Lucky walked in and caught them together. Laura and Scott were shaken when they saw Felicia and Luke kissing, but they all decided to move forward. Roy agreed to help Luke steal the Ice Princess to discover what power Helena still has over Lucky's mind. Gia was ready to leave Port Charles when she learned that Liz will be the face of Deception, but Nikolas urged Gia to stay and offered support. Coming: Monica has a dizzy spell.

Guiding Light: Ross feared that he will lose Blake if he gives her what she wants. Holly inadvertently complicated Ross' plan to surprise Blake. Olivia got the goods on Marah, leaving Josh and Reva to think about the dramatic change in their daughter's personality. Noah was overjoyed by Reva's proposal. Harley and Susan reached a new understanding. Richard and Edmund presented their cases before the council. Coming: Michelle gets some much-needed support.

One Life to Live: Todd and Blair's wedding ended in disaster as he announced that Blair had shot her last husband in the back. Todd then revealed to Skye that Rae is her real mother, and declared that Max is not Asa's son. Tired of Todd's games, Ben admitted that he is Asa's true son, a revelation that led Asa to fall gravely ill with heart problems. Colin blamed Jen for destroying Lindsay and Sam's marriage, prompting Jen to use a fake ID and get so drunk she landed in the hospital. Cristian was guilt-ridden when he saw that Jennifer had used one of his fake IDs. Sophia became suspicious of Roseanne and Colin's relationship. Coming: Skye learns the truth from Adam.

Passions: Kay finally admitted that Charity is in the bedroom closet, burning in hell. Kay warned Miguel he would have to go into hell to save Charity, and taunted Simone about Whitney's relationship with Chad. Luis and Sheridan reaffirmed their commitment and began to make love for the first time. Theresa was tormented when Ethan said he couldn't handle it if he found out another person he loved had lied to him. Eve hid her guilt as Sam denounced Ivy and anyone else who knew the truth and didn't tell him. Grace remained cold and angry with Sam as he tried to explain his actions, and wondered whether there was anything left in their marriage. Coming: Miguel risks his life for love.

Port Charles: A drunken Ian apologized to Arianna for kissing her, thinking she was Eve. Arianna was understanding, but angered Ian by saying that Ben won't leave them alone unless they have a child. Ian threatened to kill Ben, who grabbed the gun and shot Joe, then fled the country. In the tropics, Eve saved a child from Hantavirus but became ill with the disease herself. When Lucy discovered that she's not pregnant, she asked Kevin to leave, unable to deal with any more disappointments. Several of Travis' buddies trashed Jamal's new bike shop and taunted Jack. Coming: Ian appears in time to help Eve.

Young and Restless: Seeing a sick Jordan, Mac stopped Billy and Brittany just before they took the tainted drugs. When Matt heard about the sick kids, he realized that Nick would be blamed and had to make sure that Jordan wouldn't talk. Matt snuck into Jordan's hospital room and turned off the respirator until Jordan died, then reset the equipment. Mac covered her reaction when Rianna mentioned that Billy and Brittany had made love. Nikki revealed to Victor that she had arranged to have the sperm samples switched, prompting fury from Victor, who held her responsible for the creation of an unwanted child. Coming: Jordan's death prompts an investigation.

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