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The pro-choice and anti-choice people have already made up their minds on the subject of abortion, and no letter to the editor will change anyone's mind. But occasionally one is written that is so wrong and blind to reality that it must be answered. I am referring to Jason Maier's recent defense of President Bush's stance on abortion. He concludes with the assertion that reversal of "Roe v. Wade" would force "1.2 million women to take responsibility for their actions."

Like Maier, I also am no doctor. But I am reasonably certain that there are 1.2 million men who also should take responsibility for their actions. This would entail supporting the woman for nine months, being present at the birth and providing financial and moral support to the woman and child for the next 18 years.

I take no issue with those who hold views contrary to mine. But I do take issue with those to whom the abortion issue is the fault of the females. Pregnancy is a two-person event. Let both of them be responsible "for their actions."


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