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As a freshman public relations director with the Buffalo Sabres in the mid-'80s, I'll never forget my introduction to Larry Felser. From the first handshake to the most recent, there has always been respect.

With the Sabres mirrored in a media relations and public perception nightmare, Larry's calm and collective reaction to this turmoil was displayed through his wealth of experience as a member of the media in professional sports. He knew what was happening on the inside but kept within the playing surface, chastising only those in the organization for ignorance of respect. Larry taught me what "in confidence" was all about: Respect.

Sure, we took shots from his "opinionated days" at an epidemic rate, and his columns carried even a larger shock wave through our insecure camp. But one thing Larry kept within scope was respect for the game and for those who truly contributed to the club's success.

I salute Larry's dedication to The Buffalo News and to all the seasons of coverage from the games we love to follow with genuine respect.
Orchard Park

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