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What will be the "final straw" concerning the Skyway's dangerous off ramp downtown? The latest head-on collision once again emphasizes the desperate need for some other way to stop motorists from entering the Skyway in the wrong direction. Signs and flashing lights are not enough.

As someone who uses the Skyway twice a day, I know from firsthand experience that people drive on the wrong side far too many times. Nothing scares a driver more than seeing a vehicle approaching in the wrong direction and having nowhere to go to avoid a head-on collision. All one can do is to stay in the right lane and hope that the other driver stays in his lane. One dares not flash his headlights or try to alert the other driver, fearing that a lane change could cost him his life.

People try to enter the off ramp in broad daylight, so this is not a problem exclusive to night driving. I suggest installing a set of spikes into the ramp to prevent drivers from entering from the wrong direction. The cost of some tires is certainly a lot less than the cost of human lives.


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